"Rainy Dayz" as written by Jeffrey B. Atkins, Marquese D. Holder, Alvin N. Joiner, Andre Romell Young, Brian Anthony Bailey, Royal R. Harbor, Duane Johnson, Roger Mcbride, Seven Marcus Aurelius and Irving Domingo Lorenzo....
Huh yeah, Rule baby
Huh Mary J. Blige, Murder Inc.

It's just those rainy days
Spent a lifetime tryin' to wash away
'Til the sun comes out and shines again
Smile for me, smile for me

On all those rainy days
Spend ya lifetime tryin? to wash away
Until the sun shines and I see your face
Smile at me, smile at me

We're always livin' so crazy and sexy and cool
And we begin to love it (begin love it)
Watchin' all the heartache and pain of the world
And think nothing of it (thinkin' nothing of it)
Now baby I got love for you
And I know that you got me baby (got me baby)
But everytime the sun shines bright it gets socloudy

Mary: 'Cause nobody loves the rain
Ja: can't stand it
It always seem to fall
Mary: Baby handle it
Baby didn't we tell you before about chasin?those waterfalls?
Mary: Nobody loves the rain
Ja: Can't stand it
It always seems to fall
Mary: Baby handle it
Baby didn't we tell you before about chasin?those waterfalls

Mary baby, sometimes the Rule don't mind the rain

It kinda feels like I'm drownin' in the Lord's pain
Until the sun comes out and shines again, smile
Gimme reason to keep believin' that everything ain't is mean and
I kiss the clouds on the rainy days
And smile for you when the skies are gray
Baby 'cause I'm a teardrop away from cryin'
And a few shots away from dyin'
Dear Lord would you shower my pain
Let it rain, let it rain on me
While I cherish the air I breathe
I'm an angel- that can't soar, can't fly
And I imagine the Lord knows why

I feel like an angel in my broken wings
So I can soar again, Lord let me in
And through all the passion and the pain and the hurt
I feel like I'm fallin' (yeah)
Makin' promises of love to those that spread love
And for those that can't take it, stand up
Baby we goin' make it and the words of Marvin Gaye
"War is not the answer"

Smile smile smile smile smile sm-smile sm-smile
'Til the sun shines
Just smile for me
Just smile for me, just smile at me

Know in your heart that we are free
Free to believe whatever we feel
So feel something real baby, yeah

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"Rainy Dayz" as written by Jeffrey Atkins (ja Rule) Marcus Vest

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group

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    General CommentI love this song - it's so pretty! I personally love Ja Rule's voice, it's so 'angry', if you know what I mean. This song reminds me all the bad times in life, and how they will always get better, no matter what. It tells you to hold on, and that everything will be ok. This song is da bomb!
    gurl123on July 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI have to agree with you Gurl, although, I think when they are saying "smile at me," it means that there is a special person in everyones life that makes those rainy dayz go away.
    SuperGon August 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI bought this CD while I was in NYC with my friend Rob... more than a friend i guess, but he moved away before we realized it. After spending 4 solid days and night with him in the city, i cried on the way home listening to this song. It was partly because i was leaving and partly due to the lyrics... this is always the way we act, how we rely on each other when things feel terrible for one of us and everything seems all right. everyone should have that kind of special someone.
    Chameleonicaon June 22, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti think its about how life was grey and boring, the rainy days, until they emt their special someone and now everything is perfect.
    "All of those rainy days
    Spend ya lifetime tryin to wash away
    Until the sun shines and I see your face
    Smile at me, smile at me"
    meaning theyd spent a lifetime trying to be happy, but now when their partner smiles at them and they see their face the rainy dayz turn to sunny days and everything is good.
    great song!
    little_miss_failureon December 31, 2005   Link
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    General CommentPersonally I think it has more to do with TLC's "Left Eye"'s death. There are one too many references to TLC's songs and album names such as "chasing those waterfalls" and "crazy sexy cool".
    I think this song is a way of grieving for her.
    kuuipo_foreveron February 28, 2007   Link

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