Ohh Alcoholic
Ohh real good liquor
Ohh make you clumsy
Ohh make you throw up

Well...my Pop had a party at the house one
night on the last day of school and the food
is all right. We had a speaker on the roof and
a speaker on the hill with four turntables and
a reel to reel. All the pretty women came, no
ugly chicks all the stars came from the Ritz.
The people eat the chicken and they drink up
all the liquor and they turn into a big

Well...my uncle is a 'Holic' and he down a
pound of Whiskey of Whiskey! With an Eight
for a chaser, spit it on the bouncer, bouncer
kicked his ass and he lost a girlfriend with a
big soul kitchen Now he's layin' in the gutter
like a skid row bum Skid row bum style

Ohh Alcoholic
Ohh Scotch and 800
Ohh make you scratch the record
Ohh burn the spaghetti

Well...I came home from school on a
Monday. I missed the radio reggae show.
I felt like a rude boy, I could have slammed
me a poseur

"You know" Well...My uncle called me a punk
rocker in the doorway as he dribbled on the
table when he started to say, "You're not a
rude boy, you're a lazy boy, you should
make like a tree and leave Make like a library
and book, Make like a roach and bug off

Ohh Alcoholic you can't drive Before you
crash and go to jail.

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    General Commentstory of my life
    twilight2007on February 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe song isn't about him being an alcoholic, it's about the things he saw his alcoholic Uncle do.
    neekappaon September 27, 2010   Link
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    General CommentYeah Angelo Moore (the lead singer and co-writer of the song) has said on many occasions that this is about his Uncle. Growing up he'd see his Uncle do a lot of crazy sh*t because he was an alcoholic.
    musicsuperhero1on February 17, 2012   Link

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