This is the story of a dog y'all
A famous dog, a nasty dog, a dirty dog
A stanky dog, a status dog a horny dog
Check it out y'all Here it comes (hit it) its the horny man


A one two mic check it I come to get naked
So can you get wit it hey honey can I hit it
Cause I'm the horny man and I love to hit skins
And I got a jim hat so its safe to go in
Gettin hot like a toasta posin on your posta
Come and take a ride on my love roller coaster
Swimmin in women divin like scuba
I'm hittin mad skins like my man grand puma
Everybody loves me cause I got a lot of flavor
Plus I'm best known for my sexual behavior
I'm hung like a hanger the green weed slanger
And like the Hip Squad I'm a status head banger
Addictive like a drug all you need is a hug
And you can be loved
So honey catch the vibe cause its the one to be on
With more nick names then neon Deon Sanders
Prime time comin from Atlanta
I'm comin out the mission like the great Santana
So now I'm gettin hyped I want to be like Mike
And never met a female that I didn't like
Cause I treat them like a prostitute
You know I knock the boots
And if their man steps up then I'm quick to shoot
I'm always packin never lackin when I'm mackin
I come for reala you actin like you crackin
Kickin lots of flavor call me Flavormackaliscous
And I keep a lot of bitches cause they say that I'm delicious
I'm dipin divin and stir it up like coffee
Sure your mr. salty but your girlfriend won't get off me
Cause I'm hard like a rock tearin up the block
With a 9m glock and a ten foot cock
Produce dope hits I love big tits
Plus I'm all that and a hot bowl of grits
Weigh a buck and three quarters
So fathers hid your daughters
Cause I'm runnin through them like my name is Ricky Waters
I'm a dip and groove and do a spin move real smooth
But I ain't got shit to prove
Gettin love at the pub like Sam Malone
And I make a bitch moan when its time to bone
Cause I melt them like butter word to your mother
And you know I want to get blunted my brother
22 grams much love to the clan
Peace out from the mother fuckin horny man

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Da Horny Man Lyrics as written by Bernie Castro Anthony Platt

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Horny Man, The song meanings
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