caucasian invasion
they aint blazin
just fazin
they wastin
my time
and im the one
with the real rhyme
little snake
up in this piece
im slicker than yall
slicker than greese

so you are all canadian ay
and you know all candians are gay
all canadian people lick sacks
i see you needed some help from back
door bangers and the crew
and we arent verbally raping you
i dont know what your talking about
cutting with your pubic hair
cuz after u did my mom
she said none was there

and you said we do our moms
i know its true cuz shes hot
i do her whenever i can
because i want to lick her twat
yall just jealous
that your moms aint fine
your ass will be grass
in no time

dj mad scientist
is fucking fat
so is his mommy
but ill still do her like that
he looks like the nutty professor
and if he gets a girl
he will never undress her

MC Scrotum is a wack cat
and when i see his mom
ill do her in the butt like that
your mc name
i believe its scrotum
ill have you know im indian
and ill ram you with my totem

mc g thug rappin since 2
no one can eat as many cookies as you
i pee in the toilets
and ay you pee on crosses
g thug licks a lot of ass
he does dem salad tosses

next comes mC sped
but i think it should be mc spud
because you look like a farmer
cuz your covered in crud
in case you didnt know
a spud is a potato
you live in a trailer yo
that got wasted by a tornado

boo cocky and dick you guys are gay
and now its actually true thats right ay
obviously you all grew up in a trailer
if you saw my mom you'd want to nail her

caucasion invasion
you are copy cats
and we killed our willard
because we are hood rats

death by willard
our moms were bangin
caucasion invasion
will get a hangin

you're more gay
then dick and boo cocky
ill sock you in the penis
like my name was rocky

so i like hairy bushes
and i know cuz my mom
and what is wrong with
some occasionnal palm
yeah theres nothing wrong with my palm

you dont know nothin about rollin on dubs
you dont know nothin bout drinkin in pubs
caucasion ingaysion
you are copy cats
dont mess with these death by willards
because we are HOOD RATS, WHAT
caucasion ingaysion, caucasion ingaysion
canadian gayhasion
suck a dick now
yeah, suck a dick now
suck a dick now
suck dick like boo cocky and dick

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    General Commentooo let me guess everybody, this is a song in reply to C.I. - Death to Willard. neat!!!!
    vacantjoshson June 30, 2002   Link

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