Oh...the day will come and we can begin where we had to end
You're my only true friend, I can't forget you
Long talks and lazy days

I remember those times, I remember all our favorite soongs
Oh, fate can be so hard
There's an empty space in this old heart of mine

If only we could go back to then
Yes, turn back the hands of time, my friend
And count the stars in the sky again
If only we could go back to then

Do you know there's a place waiting for you
A special place in my heart and my life
Yes, a beautiful place waiting for you
When you come home, we'll turn back the time

I have all your letters
And a bos full of memories, my friend
But the only thing I need, is you with me
Together once again

I'm so sad I could cry, though I know, there's nothing I can do
You chose red and I chose blue, did what we had to
But I'm still missing you

Maybe we could go back to then
If only we could turn back again
Cause hey, we're special best of friends
This song is for you and me 'til then

Please know there's a place waiting for you
A special place in my heart and my life
Yes, a beautiful place waiting for you
When you come home let's turn back the time

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Maybe We Could Go Back to Then song meanings
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    This is a brilliant song. My favourite song of all time. I adore this song and it has really come in handy lately. My best friend and I have faded recently and are not the same as we were. We had been friends for years, though we are changing and our relationship is not the same. It's sad, but it's normal and we will always have the memories. This song reminds me of that, and for that reason, I am grateful.
    bel91on March 11, 2011   Link

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