Blood is on your hands
Your bane's
A tearful destiny
Black clouds will carry
Rain of blood
I've seen it rain
We were lost
On grinding ice
In fear and hunger
Dead winter reigned
In Araman
(You) can't escape
From my damnation
(Nor) run away
From isolation
Guilty spoke the one
THis deed can't be undone
Hear my words
Fear my curse
I know where the stars glow
(And the) sky's unclouded
Sweet the water runs my friend
(But) Noldor
Blood is on your hands
Tears unnumbered
You will shet and dwell in pain
Your homeless souls
Shall come to me
There's no release
Slain you might be
Slain you will be
Slain you will be
And the lost
Who will not reach the
House of spirits
(Will) grow old and weary
I've seen this bitter end
As I've foreseen
The storm and ice
And I could see it
(How) a million died
And I?
The blame's on me
Cause I was not there
Dead winter reigns
And tomorrow's still unknown
Condemned and betrayed
Now everything is said
See my eyes
Are full of tears
And a cruel price
We've paid
But still I can't claim
That I'm innocent

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    General CommentI think it is a fairly obvious overview of the Doom of Mandos. That was the curse that Mandos himself (roughly equivilant to the Greek god Hades) laid upon the Noldor, specifically Feanor and all who followed him. Those were nearly the whole houses of Feanor and Fingolfin, and some of the house of Finarfin. It does take the perspective of Mandos and Fingolfin, as well as Feanor. I think it mostly just deals with the journey of the Helcaraxe. Araman, mentioned towards the beginning is the Northern coastline of Valinor, beginning where Pelori breaks off into 3 ridgelines and continuing up to the Helcaraxe. The Pelori is the principle mountain range in Valinor placed there for defence against Morgoth. I didn't really read this guy above me, but I think the last part is really Fingolfin. Some of the lines are directly from the Curse of Mandos though, like the line about tears unnumbered. Mandos was prophecising the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, the fifth battle in the Wars of Beleriand, and in my opinion the second best battle in all of Tolkien behind the sack of Gondolin. So yes, I suppose all of you were right to begin with.
    Captain JGreezyon October 09, 2008   Link

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