Silenced by death in the grave
W B Yeats couldn't save
Why did you stand there
'Where you sickened in time
But I know by now
Why did you sit here?
In the GRAVE

W.B. Yeats "Second"

Why should I blame her
That she filled my days
With misery or that she would of late
Have taught to ignorant men violent ways
Or hurled the little street upon the great
Had they but courage
Equals to desire

Sad that Maud Gonne Couldn't stay
But she had Mac Bride anyway
And you sit here with me
On the isle Inisfree

And you writing down everything
But i know by now
Why did you sit here
In the grave...

Why should I blame her
Had they but courage equals to desire

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    General CommentThe "sitting in a grave" part refers to Yeats using his personal suffering as artistic inspiration, something Dolores knows about very well. As she goes on in the previous line "And you writing down everything, But I know by now" seems to reflect an earlier time in her life when she might not have realized why he put himself through the misery and in her eyes closer to his own death, though is it clear to her now as an artist having experienced her own heartbreak and healing through artistic expression.
    motorbreath23on June 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentMaud Gonne was this woman Yeats was obssessed with. She was into violent politics in Ireland and he asked her to marry him several times but she said no every time. The pain this caused him was the source of much of his poetry.
    plain_janeon May 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentW.B Yeats is/was a great poet writer
    Sensibleon April 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSee, once you know history and the names, the song makes sense and it's sad
    sixedhearton June 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOcean Soul: your comment was meaningless. The whole first part draws attention to yourself and not in a positive way. Don't comment on a good song and then throw Fred Durst's name in it to draw attention, dumbass. I think the only part of your comment I agree with is that MORE PEOPLE SHOULD LISTEN TO 'No Need To Argue'..good cd from start to finish!

    by the way..W.B. Yeats WAS a great poet! :)
    TransparentSunChildon August 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwho's MacBride? and what does she mean why did you sit here in a grave?
    lovelyritalucyon May 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentFUCK FUCKEDIFUCKFUCK...Fred Durst was in my school class sucka

    okay, some cheap provocation to attract attention to good music, i am too tired for anything that's worth lyrics like these...i don't know W.B. Yeats, i don't know "the isle Inisfree" , but i know:

    Ocean Soulon February 09, 2006   Link

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