Yo! Yo yo! It's crazy
You hear that?
That's my man Bow Wow
You know it's off the hook when we up in here
So So Def
Let's go

[Bow Wow]
Microphone check 1 2
Ain't nobody coming like I'm coming
When I Come through
So get ready,I'm the I'm the real deal
And you can see what I'm saying
Even if you standing 2 blocks away
I'm from the see-O and I won't stop
I'm only 14 making more than ya pops
I'm saying you-already-know what I'm about
If you don't take cover 'cause the dog is out
You can either flee the scene or keep your frown
Betta yet find something else to do till I die down
And that ain't happening no time soon(Why)
Cause I keep hitting y'all with the boom
It goes back to back
We the empire
Get out the way or get burned by the yeah
My plans ain't just staying the racks
So run and tell ya friends the phenomenon's back

Up in here! I know you want me want me baby girl here I am come get me
Up In here! Off the chains and you know that I brought Ohio with me
I'm Up In Here! Now get loud jump off in the crowd let me see what your all about (We crazy)
Up In Here! Now this my world and all I want to do is see you let the dogs out

You thinking this a game son?
Play boy you gotta be a look at more girl-listic And state yo claim
When I say we off the chain I'm talking tigahs and dogs not puppy dogs they can't run in this game
From Ohio to Lauderdale we keep em' cuh-rackalackin
I bust a corner on 22 inches and ain't nothing you can tell em'
Cause we the future and the stakes is high you got stocks? you better sell em'
Man I'm to legit to quit
And I won't be nothing to lick wit get it?
Lick with
I'm talking dividends Mercedes and Benz
Trips to Saweto
Cuties in Switzerland and I still grip lows
You know that lil black boy
When I come around it's like a fashion show wit Lil-Bow-Wow
(yeah yeah) of course you know who I be
T-I-G-ah and I make em say


[Bow Wow]
I'm doing to much (uh huh)
They call me young Walter Payton 'cause I come through the line untouched
Saying no matter what
I don't be on pop
If the dog lay on it it's going to the top
Bout to change the game
I got all the girls even Lil' Kim screaming my name(uh oh)
You can fight it fight it
And try not to like it
But you kids will go crazy if they don't see me
I'm So So Def to the end
Around here we hitting do it ova again
How many of y'all can say that
How many of y'all at 14 were sitting back watching paper stacks
It's a known fact that all the greats got started at this same age
I ain't trying to say that I'm the greatest yet
But I will say I'm going down that bench


Yo' uh yeah (Up In Here) every time that
Every trip man I don't care what it is (Up In Here!)
If I'm up in here it's something gon' happen (Up In Here!)
So So Def every time we Up In Here

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Up in Here Lyrics as written by Sheppard Daniels Bryan Michael Paul Cox

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