"Russia On Ice" as written by Colin Edwin Balch, Richard Barbieri, Steven John Wilson and Christopher James Maitland....
You think I deserve this
You said I was stupid
All my thoughts are like coal
But Russia on ice is burning a hole

Can't stop myself drinking
Can't stop being me
If I call will you come and will you save me ?

I see the whole thing come down
I blow it to the ground
Well what the hell did you say ?
You said you hate me this way
It's just a matter of time

A drop in the ocean
A significant motion
Nothing melts in this cold
But Russia on ice is burning a hole

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"Russia on Ice" as written by Colin Edwin Balch Steven Wilson

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    Song Meaningi think "russia on ice" is a metaphor for vodka. it is definitely a break up song. porcupine tree is the best post floyd band i must say. my favorite band.
    nithish153on March 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI always thought it was about a relationship breaking up because of his alcohol problem, not him drinking after the break-up... that would explain his attitude of "can't stop myself drinking, can't stop being me" it's almost like an argument between the couple, and she says she hates him the way he's become by drinking so much.

    The bit that really creeps me out is the last verse. "A drop in the ocean" immediately got me thinking that he dumped his girlfriend in the river, but probably not, in fact on second thought i think he threw himself in the ocean and drowned. "Russia on Ice is burning a hole" - I'm assuming this would mean burning a hole in his heart, because the alcohol is the source of why he's gotten like this and as a consequence it meant he lost his significant other.
    I might be wrong, but that's my understanding of it.
    jeemson January 12, 2008   Link
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    My OpinionI also believe the lyrics are about a couple breaking up because of his drinking habits. The atmosphere of the relationship is cold, icy, without emotion, but his drinking causes emotions to flare (hence "Nothing melts in this cold / but Russia on Ice is burning a hole") and the pair ultimately break up. The song describes his remorse, but he is unable to break the habit.

    My husband is a dry alcoholic, and I am always taken back to his drinking days when I hear this beautiful song. So this song has a very special, personal meaning to me.
    Stachelschweinon July 09, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningI think that the song is a portrait of a man's suicide after a relationship falls apart.

    He has a drinking problem, and it's forced his partner to leave. The song is him musing on how he cannot change, and in the end he kills himself. That's what the much darker instrumental section is for. The first section is the man relenting about the direction his life has taken, and the hopelessness he feels, while the last lines:

    "A drop in the ocean
    A significant motion"

    Give his intention to kill himself, while the very last lines:

    "Nothing melts in this cold
    But Russia on ice is burning a hole"

    Ties the entire thing back to the beginning. Meaning that he has ended where he has started, with nothing changed. This leads to the dark and heavy section, which I suppose is the soundtrack to his suicide, showing his anger at himself and his ex partner, and the inherent violence. Russia on Ice I think has a double meaning, it could be a metaphor for the character's drinking problem, or it could be a description of the relationship, and the unstable nature of it.
    kitthehackeron November 09, 2010   Link
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    General CommentReally? It's just about drinking vodka after a bad relationship? I always thought it meant a bit more, in the philosophic manner... Oh well - it's an excellent song none the less. It's amazing on Warszawa.
    Wakeboard_Snufkinon August 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThere needs to be a cocktail called Russia on Ice. You know it would work.
    solarionon July 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentTo expand on my previous comment, I think the line "Russia on ice is burning a hole" implies that his fear of acting on his anger is being worn down by drinking. The first part of the song ends with the line "it's just a matter of time.." before he snaps, entering the (as I see it) violent ending. He then ... does something bad.

    Those bells at the end are kind of haunting and forboding. (death of some kind?)

    Stretching here, whatever :p
    Sysyson November 25, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationCould be partly drawn from "Die Another Day" (2002), staring Pierce Brosnan. This is the last James Bond movie for Brosnan. (Note: "From Russia with Love" is the second Bond movie, in which a beautiful Russian defector falls in love with Bond just from seeing a photo in his file. Also, "Diamonds are Forever" is the sixth Bond movie and also has a satellite-laser-destruction machine.)

    Back to "Die Another Day": Miranda Frost is a double agent paired with the hero by the powers that be. Her opinion of Bond: "He'll light the fuse on any explosive situation, and be a danger to himself and others..." She also says to him, "I know all about you - sex for dinner, death for breakfast."

    She is a good fencer (Olympic gold-medal winner, although by devious means). And it turns out that she betrayed Bond and that led to fourteen months of torture. See the partial scripting below:

    Graves: Ms. Frost is not all she seems.
    James Bond: Looks can be deceptive.
    Graves: Yes. By the way, did you find out who betrayed you in North Korea?
    James Bond: ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.
    Graves: You never even thought of looking inside your own organization?
    [Miranda points her gun at James]
    Graves: She was right under your nose.
    [James shoots, but his gun is empty]
    Miranda Frost:It was so good of you to bring your gun in bed with us.
    James Bond: Yes. Occupational hazard.
    [Bond throws the empty pistol on the floor]
    Graves: You see, I have a gift. An instinct for sensing people's weaknesses. Yours is women. Hers and mine are winning, whatever the cost. So when I arranged for that fatal overdose for the true victor at Sydney, I won myself my very own MI6 agent, using everthing at my disposal - her brains, her talent, even her sex.
    James Bond: The COLDEST WEAPON OF ALL.

    Then Bond uses a special gadget to break the glass platform where they stand. Bond falls and survives while Miranda Frost escapes.

    Some other dialog:
    James Bond: Can I expect the pleasure of you in Iceland?
    Miranda Frost: I'm afraid you'll never have that pleasure, Mr. Bond.

    And at another point:
    Miranda Frost: I'll show you your room.
    James Bond: A palace of ice; you must feel right at home.

    So.... is it a stretch to think that maybe seeing this film prompted the writing about a relationship breakup?
    txnuke1201on February 16, 2014   Link
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    General Commentit's certainly about drinking vodka with ice :)
    m4t3kon January 02, 2005   Link
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    General Commentyeah, it is about drinking after being hurt. It just explain it in such a beautiful way.
    Grey_Metalon May 05, 2005   Link

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