A holy prayer in Sunday school
To graduate from BYU
All the work that you’ve given
Guarantees a place in heaven
Work for god with no commission
Slave to the cause on a two-year mission
Never ever acting mean
Never ever drink caffeine

Mormon Fury, Mormon Fury, Mormon Fury

Black neckties and shirts of white
Door to door ride on your bike
Go to church and pay your dues
The man up stairs looks after you
So glad to live the righteous life
With fifteen kids and seven wives
And all the morals that I’ve carried
No sex until I’m married

Mormon Fury, Mormon Fury, Mormon Fury

So just in case we haven’t heard
You’ve been sent to spread the word
With pamphlet books of propaganda
Guide us through this evil land and
You’ll be oh so blessed to see the light
As long as you are strait and white
It’s a religious helter skelter
So fun to be an elder

Mormon Fury, Mormon Fury, Mormon Fury

Brigham Young among divine
Waiting for the end of time

Mormon Fury, Mormon Fury, Mormon Fury

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    General Commenti haven't heard this song for so long! brings back memories of camping last summer with my friends. this and white trash america (for you and me!). i love yer mom!
    akissej55on June 21, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthmm... im confused... they like mormons?... or no?
    xTinkerBell138xon August 02, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthaha this is hilarious and so true!! Xtinkerball138x is there something wrong with your head?? Clearly this is a sarcastic song making fun of mormons you idiot.
    tenserockon September 16, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is so stupid, I've never actually heard it, but this is the most sterotypical song ever, I happen to be a 'mormon' but the term we mostly use now is lds, it stands for latter day saints, a lot of the things mentioned here are true, but they're not bad, and some of them are way off, the ave. mormon family probably has about 5 kids, and the people who still practice polygamy are not lds, they're 'reformed mormons' or something and they're all messed up, they don't represent us at all, but people still seem to think they do, and yeah, we go on missions and knock on doors, no one has any idea how much crap the missionaries put up with and they're nice to everyone, they leave if you say you're not interested (unlike salesmen) I don't see why everyone hates us cause of that, I'm actually a big fan of mormon jokes and stuff, but if they're in good taste "pamphlet books of propoganda lead us through the promised land"? are you serious? and the "straight and white" thing is unbelieveable, there are SO many black people that belong to this religion, maybe they're referring to the fact that blacks couldn't hold the priesthood until like 1980, but they have never been not allowed, maybe these guys should sing about something they know something about, well, they are called Yer Mom, this sounds like something a messed up 11 year old would sing about
    Running_On_Emptyon July 07, 2003   Link
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    General Commentand another thing, the only way you can usually tell a mormon from someone else, is if you catch them on Sunday, ask them to have coffee or a beer with you or ask them about their sex life before they're married, and another thing, what's wrong with not acting mean, and most mormons I know are like addicted to caffeine so that parts off too
    Running_On_Emptyon July 07, 2003   Link
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    General CommentMormons helped me ruin my life.Any thing that hurts their church is OK by me :)

    quote maybe they're referring to the fact that blacks couldn't hold the priesthood until like 1980, but they have never been not allowed end quote

    Black folks were only allowed to be priests/elders because a New York public realtions company was consulted and they said "let them in"

    Mormons tell folks it was done by prayer ( Laugh out loud )
    Starsailorcaton April 26, 2006   Link

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