one’s too many
but fifty’s absurd
how many women must be screaming
before they cannot be ignored

a sunny Sunday
the heart of Central Park
relax, feel safe
the cops will do their part
a gathering, it should be fun
but our society
breeds sexism

so tell me who’s to blame
and tell me what’s the cause
men with no shame?
could it be our “peacekeepers”

something’s wrong when we can’t gather
without violence
what the fuck’s the matter?

what’s going on?
what’s gone wrong?

when pain entertains
we have lost touch
people become property
and are looked upon as such

something’s going on
something’s gone wrong
something’s going way wrong
and I don’t know why

some men must be creeps
all I know’s the problem runs
much more deep
than men’s fragile libidos
taken way to far
some things need to end
before they start
if our culture breeds
we can’t expect society
ever to be free
never to be free
never to be free

don’t go out
no one’s safe

the stage is set
you can bet
we’ll all do our part
every sexist act
in this symphony
of tragedy

this will be the way
unless we can change

cops who must fear for their jobs
because of racist acts involved
politics have shaped their actions
not morals or even infractions
“there for the people” but hearts aren’t their guide
on wonder some assholes got a free ride
sexist acts occur, or worse, of course
unless we kill them at the source
stop treating others like your toys
and no more boys will be boys

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