If I knew you didn't miss me
If I knew you didn't think of me
If I knew your feelings for me were dead and buried
It would be hard, but not as hard as
This knowing you still care
It would be easier than knowing
There's still something there

I know how you don't need this
But I just can't keep quiet
You've left me feeling so lost
Where do I go with it?
I know you have a new life
I know you're not unhappy
I know that he's good to you
But don't you just want things easy?

So go ahead and hate me
I know I promised I would leave it
A troublemaker's what you've made me
But can't you see we're worth it?
We just belong together
I think somewhere inside you know it
Would you admit it ever?
I just don't think it's complicated

Life shouldn't be about
"I'm happy, but..."
I just think you should chase
For love

I guess all I'm really saying
Is how I think you're wrong here
And some things are worth the chaos
That they come along with

Don't you want more?
Don't you want to burn?
Burn again?

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    General CommentSadly, Trembling Blue Stars are on the outrageously small British label Shinkansen Recordings. You can find a tiny little bit about them here:
    hourafterdarkon August 30, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"life shouldn't be about
    'I'm happy, but...'
    I just think you should chase specialness for love,"

    so gorgeous... I've listened to this song so many times it's ridiculous. it's funny how listening to songs is so much easier than actually saying this shit to a person.


    Since this comment was posted, time has passed and so I'll elaborate more on what I mean. :p

    This song is about a guy who was in a relationship with a girl, and they broke up...she's now in a relationship with somebody else, and he knows that she isn't unhappy. The thing is, he knows that they're both still on the same page emotionally, because they've run into each other and become friends again or something. So he wonders why she's settling for something that doesn't make her nearly as happy as she was when she was with him.

    "Don't you want to burn, burn again?"

    It's hard enough to be around somebody you still love, but knowing they still feel the same but won't do anything about it, is even harder. He's asking her why she won't take a chance for something he knows they both want.

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    delialon July 22, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti like this song! who are these guys?
    babyMEon July 11, 2002   Link

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