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Deconstruction of a culture seems obvious.
Reconstruction of a culture homogenous.
Snatch the taste for compassion, nothing but lies.
Land of the free, liberty.
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Fact Nor Fiction song meanings
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    General Commentthe sample insert in this song is incredible. its pretty revolting to face the facts of how biased our goverment can be.
    allelsefailedon July 29, 2002   Link
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    General Comment187-219-227
    Translated says "We don't want you here. Go back home, where you came from"
    The only way we do want you here is if you transform yourself.
    In other words become the image of our fantasy
    of an obedient, english speaking, white thinking, aculturated, assimilated American
    It's for your own good
    Sure you can become an American. You can be one of us
    You just have to abide by some simple rules
    All you got to do is, forget where you come from, buy the lie,
    kill yourself to wake up in the American dream...
    Or else
    Stop all traditional cultural practices...Today
    Stop all identity connected to your mother country...Now
    Stop speaking any language other than english
    And if we catch you speaking any foreign language in public, in school, even in the home
    you are subject to arrest and deportation.
    It's for your own good
    See how easy it is to become an American
    Just fulfill the image of our fantasy of adosal, quiet, obedient, english speaking, white thinking
    On second thought, we'd prefer that you not to become voting citizens.
    So just stay illegal so we can continue to have our scapegoats ok
    Land of the free, home of the brave.
    See how many options you have?
    Things will be so much easier once you forget all that bothersome cultural private stuff.
    Primitive thinking religions and indiginous languages
    Then you can progress, move forward. Move towards the ideal. Complete assimilation.
    It's for your own good.
    Then maybe you can get an education.
    See in America everyone is equal right?
    Everyone has the same opportunities to succeed right?
    Thats what this democracy, this system, this government, this country is based on right?
    Equal opportunity, thats why we ended affirmitavie action.
    It's for your own good.
    Because minoritys, working people, poor people they dont need any policies like that.
    Because everything's equal...right?
    Racism? Oh that...uh...well...see we took care of that. Thats not a problem anymore.
    Maybe theres a few isolated incidences with the KKK in the south but
    this is California.
    Racism's a thing of the past.

    ^^^that's the sample^^^

    it's so powerful when hearing that. really makes you think. the whole album is pure genius.
    satan_is_a_squirrelon April 14, 2004   Link
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    General Commentalas...I was looking for the spoken words! thanks satan squirrel guy!
    insideaboxon November 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHell yeah
    criminologyon January 15, 2010   Link

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