(Meanwhile, down below, we see the PHANTOM and CHRISTINE in the boat, crossing the underground lake)

PHANTOM (furiously propelling the boat onwards)

Down once more
to the dungeon
of my black despair!
Down we plunge
to the prison
of my mind!
Down that path
into darkness
deep as hell!

(He rounds on her, bitterly)

Why, you ask,
was I bound and chained
in this cold and dismal place?
Not for any
mortal sin, but the
wickedness of
my abhorrent face!

(He hears the offstage voices of the pursuing MOB)

MOB (offstage)

Track down this murderer!
He must be found!

PHANTOM (moving off again)

Hounded out by
Met with hatred
No kind word from
No compassion

Christine, Christine . . .
Why, why . . .?

(RAOUL and GIRY appear above. They make their way down, meeting a pack of rats. GlRY screams and lowers her guard. The rats and the RATCATCHER pass them. GIRY raises her hand again)


Your hand at the level of your eyes!


. . . at the level of your eyes . . .

MOB (offstage)

Your hand at the level of your eyes!


He lives across the lake, monsieur. This is as far as
I dare go.


Madame Giry, thank you.

(She turns to go back up the slope. RAOUL looks at the water. He removes his coat and plunges in. The MOB appears at the top of the slope. They come down to the lake edge, their torches flickering.)


Track down this
murderer -
He must be found!
Hunt out this
who runs to ground!
Too long he's
preyed on us -
but now we know:
the Phantom of the Opera
is there
deep down below . . .

He's here: the Phantom of the Opera . . .

(They turn back up the slope. Perhaps there is another way in. The gate to the lair descends, as the rest of the lair appears.)

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The Labyrinth Underground (scene 8) song meanings
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