(GIRY is hurrying across. RAOUL appears and calls after her)


Madame Giry. Madame Giry . . .


Monsieur, don't ask me - I know no more than
anyone else.

(She moves off again. He stops her)


That's not true. You've seen something, haven't you ?

GIRY (uneasily)

I don't know what I've seen . . . Please don't ask me,
monsieur . . .

RAOUL (desperately)

Madame, for all our sakes . . .

GIRY (She has glanced nervously about her and suddenly deciding to trust him, cuts in)

Very well. It was years ago. There was a travelling
fair in the city. Tumblers, conjurors, human
oddities . . .


Go on . . .

GIRY (trance-like, as she retraces the past)

And there was . . . I shall never forget him: a man . .
Iocked in a cage . . .


In a cage . . ?


A prodigy, monsieur! Scholar, architect, musician .

RAOUL (piecing together the jigsaw)

A composer . . .


And an inventor too, monsieur. They boasted he
had once built for the Shah of Persia, a maze of
mirrors . . .

RAOUL (mystified and impatient, cuts in)

Who was this man . . .?

GIRY (with a shudder)

A freak of nature . . .
more monster
than man . . .

RAOUL (a murmur)

Deformed . . .?


From birth, it seemed . . .


My God . . .


And then . . . he went missing. He escaped.


Go on.


They never found him
it was said he
had died . . .

RAOUL (darkly)

But he didn't die, did he?


The world forgot him,
but I never can . . .
For in this darkness
I have seen him again . . .


And so our
Phantom's this man . . .

GIRY (starts from her daze and turns to go)

I have said too much, monsieur.

(She moves off into the surrounding blackness)

And there have been too many accidents . . .

RAOUL (ironical)



Too many . . .

(And, before he can question her further, she has disappeared)

RAOUL (running after her)

Madame Giry . . .!

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Backstage (scene 2) song meanings
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