Foundation of a nation built on fucking lies
another welfare state, tumbles and dies
system of oppression in the land of the free
your equality and freedom means nothing to me
the rich pulls the strings of the politicians
to the voice of the people, noone's really listening
i thought it was called democracy
i don´t think ya know, what the word means
Hate breeds Hate
People going crazy hunting their goals
struggling to the top without any control
I see the green illusion developing greed
overcoming common sense and what we really need
disease spreading all across the land
crack kills so does guns in their hands
american interference in another war
do the public know, what the fuck for

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    General Commenti think the title "hate breeds hate" refers to the fact that going out and destroying things such as "terrorism" is infact terrorism, enforcing your views against people that are trying to enforce their views against you, you're merely doing the same thing. And yes, through violent means, and this hatred breeds hatred towards yourself, all the problems that america face with terrorism were self-inflicted. Also the dog-eat-dog world of business and the capitalist culture that people are born into as a consumer is highlighted. Also the fake democracy that people are born into believing exists when really its just an illusion, for instance anti war marches featuring millions of people were just ignored and we call this a democracy?

    "foundation of a nation, built on fucking lies"
    or as Bill Hicks would say "Keep repeating, "we are free!" to do what they tell you"
    HateBreedsHateon April 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe members of Refused are anarchists, they don't believe in democracy in the first place. (That it works, and that it's "integrity" is actually just.)

    This song also predates the common anti-terrorism ideals of the US. I think it's just a comment on the way the US handles its domestic and foreign affairs...poorly (but then do any nation states know what they're doing? I wouldn't say so). Really good lyrics though.
    Romscaon August 03, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI meant to say for the brackets *They don't believe that it works, *or* that it's integrity is actually just.
    Romscaon August 03, 2007   Link

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