He was a boy
She was a girl
Can I make it any more obvious?
He was a punk
She did ballet
What more can I say?
He wanted her
She'd never tell
Secretly she wanted him as well
But all of her friends
Stuck up their nose
They had a problem with his baggy clothes

He was a skater boy
She said, "See you later, boy"
He wasn't good enough for her
She had a pretty face
But her head was up in space
She needed to come back down to earth

Five years from now
She sits at home
Feeding the baby, she's all alone
She turns on TV
Guess who she sees
Skater boy rockin' up MTV
She calls up her friends
They already know
And they've all got tickets to see his show
She tags along
And stands in the crowd
Looks up at the man that she turned down

He was a skater boy
She said, "See you later, boy"
He wasn't good enough for her
Now he's a super star
Slammin' on his guitar
Does your pretty face see what he's worth?

He was a skater boy
She said, "See you later, boy"
He wasn't good enough for her
Now he's a super star
Slammin' on his guitar
Does your pretty face see what he's worth?

Sorry, girl, but you missed out
Well, tough, luck that boy's mine now
We are more than just good friends
This is how the story ends
Too bad that you couldn't see
See the man that boy could be
There is more that meets the eye
I see the soul that is inside

He's just a boy
And I'm just a girl
Can I make it any more obvious?
We are in love
Haven't you heard
How we rock each other's world

I'm with the skater boy
I said, "See you later, boy"
I'll be back stage after the show
I'll be at a studio
Singing the song we wrote
About a girl you used to know

I'm with the skater boy
I said, "See you later, boy"
I'll be back stage after the show
I'll be at a studio
Singing the song we wrote
About a girl you used to know

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Sk8er Boi Lyrics as written by Scott Alspach Avril Ramona Lavigne

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    General Commento_o,,,,, isn't this song MEANINGS?? all you guys do is comment on what you think?

    well i think EVERYONE knows that everyone loves this song, why would they come to these lyrics/song in the first place if they didn't like it.

    so i think this song is about missing a chance with someone because your afraid of what people say.
    smartykel808on August 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love this song. Just getting that out there, but Sk8er Boi was my favorite song when I was younger, with Girlfriend as a close second.

    I never really got this song until I saw a fan-made video of it (Search Sk8er Boi Sims 2 on youtube) when I was about 10 or 11. I think that what she was trying to say with this was basically "Don't miss out on anything or you'll regret it later." Verse by verse:

    She likes him, and he likes her, but she's too afraid to lose her status to let him know.

    She finds somebody else, but as soon as she sees him as a rock star, she wants him again.

    When she gets to the concert, she finds out that the friends who were so very against her dating him have changed to a point unrecognizable to her, and he's moved on and found somebody else. She's lost everything that she could have had because she was scared.

    She should have taken the risk.

    I know how this feels. I had a crush on one of my best guy friends, and I spent the last nine weeks of school freaking out because I wasn't sure what to do, but once I told him, I realized that it was a risk that I had had to take.

    A message to any girls out there: Take the risk. Jump off that cliff. You like him? Let him know. He just might be worth the risk and if he isn't then he shouldn't matter to you anyway. <3
    Artygal12on December 01, 2010   Link
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    General Commentgood song...makes sense! haha
    SKAtanicon May 25, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI'm not going to read all the 1012 comments or something of ths song.

    I remember listening to this when I was like..what? 7 or something? xD It's one of the most original songs there was back then, and now there's all these other artists who have a more appealing music so Avril's going down from the interests for some untrue fans. BLONDE? Okay. D:

    Anyways, this song first was of how before punks weren't accepted by girly girls but this one girl liked him as well. Then when she decides to give up on him -sincehewasblahblahblah- ; he later becomes a rock star with a girlfriend. So then that girlfriend's taunting her through music. o.O I don't know where the 'baby' part came from.

    "Five years from now, she sits at home
    Feeding the baby
    she's all alone"
    Nahiki_Multion February 21, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is about Avril Lavigne's closet homosexuality. It's obvious from the title using the word 'boi' and not 'boy' that the male character in this is actually a woman.
    'he' was a punk. she did ballet.
    So you see, the 'boi' is what you could refer to as a dyke, with a similar style to say 'Shane' from the L word.
    The skater babydyke was interested in a prissy prom princess in the first instance, but then it develops, and she finds she's more interested in similarly styled girls, such as Avril Lavigne.
    There is a thinly veiled allusion to lesbian sex too. When she sings 'slamming on his guitar', what she actually means is that, she is the guitar, and the 'boi' like to 'strum' her (Avril) and they 'rock each others worlds', because of course, as every lesbian attests, lesbian sex is far better than heterosexual sex.
    Pelhamon April 16, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI think the song is about Avril and some guy from her high school or whatever. Even though the title says, "Sk8er BOI" I think AVRIL is the guy- all punk and not exactly in the popular crowd- and whoever the "girl" is in the song is actually the guy she may have liked in the past. The popular guy's friends said she wasn't hot and told him not to like Avril, so he didn't admit to liking her because she wasn't hot or popular. Years later, she's a rock star and the guy and his friends are buying tickets.

    NOTE: this is just my interpretation. this scenario or meaning of the song may or may not have happened to the artist. i do not know.
    lyricsgirl614on March 06, 2014   Link
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    MemoryThe way I see it, this song is about a chick who liked a certain guy who wasn't exactly liked by her friends, so she just hides how she really feels when she knows she has her chance.

    Then 5 years later she only thinks she's moved on with her life when all of a sudden this guy is in the spotlight, and now all of her friends have completely changed points of view. The thing is, now that the guy is famous and likable, she wants him back. She just can't have him back because by then, another girl already has him for herself. So of course she comes to regret not taking the risk 5 years earlier, when she could have had everything.

    This song is so relatable in my case. I've liked my best guy friend now for 7 months, but to my total disappointment, by then he'd already gotten himself a new girl, even though he admitted to liking me last summer. It makes me wish I could go back and change everything that happened between us back then, but the past is the past. You just can't. So the most I could do is let it out now and tell him how I really feel about him, and that's what I did.

    And to anyone who's going through the same thing I am now: take the risk. You never know whether it'll be worth it in the end. And if it isn't, then there's plenty of fish out in the sea (I would know). So don't be scared or hold back your feelings-- make your move before it's too late. Don't be like the girl in the song.
    gallaghergirllon July 16, 2012   Link
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    General Commentrad song.
    punkrockprincessson May 02, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti love this song!!XD
    my girlfriend loves this song!!XD
    Everyone loves this song!!XD
    my girlfriend said this song reminds her of her and me i'm a sk8er boi and she plays as avril which is pretty cool seeing how my girlfriend pretty much looks like avril lavigne (tomboy) literally!!
    lost_soul@live.caon December 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI LOOOVE THIS SONG . it was my first avril song to hear and it was the song that made me looooove avril.

    here avril is telling the story of a girl and a guy . they both liked each other but she concidered herself to be higher or better than him and with all her friends interfeering in ther lives she dumbed him (that's proven by the part "looks up at the man that she turned down") anyway after many years he became a star and he got over her and found a new girl who relly loved him for who he is not what he is (true love)

    "I'll be at a studio, singing the song we wrote
    About a girl you used to know"

    i think this song is about that girl who turned him down and i think that made him famous but i'm not sure of the last part
    nelpyon June 07, 2008   Link

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