I've had it with this life of crap
There's no one who I can trust
I'm not happy with this life of crap
It's going to be a total bust

There's no purpose to this life of crap
I'll wind up dead in the end
You can't help me through this life of crap
I don't need a single friend

Late at night when I'm not sleeping
Eyes wide open waiting for that girl
The one who used to be
Such a part of me

Even now I still need to defend that she's not one of them

You'll find numbers in this life of crap
But I know you're not the one
To get caught up in my life of crap
I bet your conscience must weight a ton

Late at night I get this feeling
Can't think straight 'cause I just don't feel safe
I can't articulate
I'm cracking from the weight

And still, I'd gladly give it all just to hold hands in the mall

Who ever told you that things would be great?
Who ever told you that things would work out?
Well whoever told you had told you a lie
I used to think it could, I used to think it would
But that was when I had you, and now I don't
And everything that I've got left is just a bunch of crap

I've got no use for other people
They all suck, I don't want anyone else
Who says this wasted life is worthless without you
And your heart
And I don't know what to do without you
To tell me that one day
Things will be okay
Cause they won't
And I don't if I want to do it without you

I can't make it through this life of crap
'Cause I don't have a reason to

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    General CommentFirst off, this interpretation, and the lyrics themself have been cooperative effort between Raphide and cprompt, lyrical genius masterminds.

    Interpreting this song may seem like a stupid and obvious task, because of the straightforward lyrics. Oh well. =)

    Verses one through three are the protagonist first, just declaring that his life is crap. He claims that he needs no one, and longs for the girl. Still pretty obvious. He still cares about this girl, and defends that she's not one of them, the bad girls who are abusive and mean and all that not-fun stuff.

    The line "You'll find numbers" means that since he needs no one, and people mean nothing to him, that everyone is reduced to a number, lacking all importance. In this verse, he switches his focus to 'the girl'. He is now talking directly to her. He bitterly states that he knows that she doesn't care about him anymore, and is just avoiding him and his problems. He sarcastically says "I bet your conscience must weight a ton"--meaning the opposite, that she's not at all concerned with any moral issues.

    Despite all of that, he does still have an emotional attachment to her, after all, he'd 'gladly give it all just to hold hands at the mall'.

    Then, he talks about his sense of security and purpose in life is totally eradicated because she was the focus of his life.

    "I've got no use for other people, they all suck" is again, another lovely bitter statement. He only wants her, and everything else pales in comparison. Normally if he felt bad, she would be there to reassure him (tell me that one day things will be okay).

    And, with the semi-abrupt closing, he says that without her, his entire life has lost meaning, and he no longer has a reason to live. This could easily have been an allusion to a quote by Nietzche: "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." Life seemed easy with her, and all obstacles seemed to be conquerable.

    Therefore, we can evaluate that the protagonist does in fact have a life of crap. Pity him.
    cprompton June 17, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwow.
    havershawon July 01, 2002   Link

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