Came of age back in '69
did some crazy things back in changing times
Making choices and if you choose to use
Sometimes the ones you love the most you could lose
First time you put your hands on her she said
I love you so but now it's over you can't forget
Patterns repeated
so deep seeded you don't know why
How to change a life that is a lie
Things you did were not forgotten
Lives you've lived were not forgiven
You made decisions
and now the consequences you have to pay
This is a train wreck going one way
Unless you want to change
I'll never do it again
Every time people look at me I know
I'm a batterer I'm an addict
So many lessons so much you have to learn
So much water under the bridge you burned
There's no way to turn back time now
What's done is done
All you do is change yourself
when you love someone
The good things you do are not forgotten
The good life you made and all is forgiven
Choice and consequence
you're marriage that you saved
You made this happen you accounted
you know that you can change
I'll always be there for you
Everyone knows that I adore you
I'm a husband I'm a father
It was such a nice night
When I went to bed everything was all right
All of a sudden it was like I was your nightmare
That I couldn't awake from
Chief Joseph wrote that life is like a tree
When a strong wind blows the tree must sway
or be torn from it's roots
This was from jacob's scrapbook
At the funeral tears come over the crowd in waves
You were so heroic the testimony that you gave
You need support you need something to do
If you keep going back
it's going to be consuming you
You know his life won't be forgotten
He'd want you to be celebrating living
You feel his spirit well it's with you every day
He needs your love you need his love
when you're going through this
Change I don't know if I can live through his
Can't bring back your loving kiss
live with all the things I miss
I don't know if I can live through this

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