I've never been in this place before but in my dreams
I've seen your face before
With a hundred different expressions
Every time your face lights up it cures all my depression
What we have is so spiritual we'll have a ritual
But we don't need material because when we get married
All my hopes and dreams for years I've carried
So I'm sitting up late by the phone is where I wait for an update
Of what you did today
cause I want to make sure everything's okay
I want to learn so much about you there's no doubt
I can't live without you
I never felt so alive and I'll be true
I'm falling through you
When I give you my body I give you my soul
Do I deserve to feel so fine
you're the only one that's on my mind
So deep in my heart makes me want to lose control
A love so deep with so many layers
that I can't sleep and who cares
I'm so high with you I want to get high with you
I want to die with you
By my side I can become me
I love all the ways that you challenge me
Intellectually sexually madly yours for all of eternity
Taking off our clothes we can go places
that nobody goes and nobody knows
So profound a healing
and I'm right here with you now just feeling
Never been so tight with anyone never felt so right with anyone
This is so far beyond anything I knew
I'm falling through you
Well I've been through whatever since we've been together
I'm more sure than ever that this is forever
Never will we break up or grow apart
just two bodies beating with one heart
I used to be so aggressive possessive
any relationship I made a mess of
There were things that I missed when I'm bad
I hate to see you pissed
cause I was acting sad
But I'll let it go cause
I don't want to fight and I don't want control
I'll go anywhere I'd come anywhere with you
I don't care let's do what you want to do
See I live to love you only thinking of you
I worship the stars above you
And I'll be there for everything you're going through
I'm falling through you

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