i woke up tonight
wishing you were here with me
thinking of you
thinking of all those damn things that i want us to be
i sit up for a while
well im lying down actually
then i crack a smile
but it fades almost instantly
because then i remember
then i realize
that i know we can never be
what you two already are
hes so lucky
i wish he could be me
your so beautiful and perfect
he drives a brand new car

i guess girls go for that
not guys like me
loser like us are needed
we are the balance between in and sanity

so when its said and done
us losers will forever be
the guys that never broke your hearts
and take offense to your ignorance
ruthless as it may seem

last class of the day
year for that matter
hell its the last time well see each other
as you go up and i fall off the social ladder

you catch me looking at your face
i smile at you but you roll your eyes and then you turn away
i wish i could tell you
i wish i had the guts to say these things inside of me
day after day of being ignored and not taken seriously
yet still i sit there
i sit oh so patiently
dreaming of all these things that i will never be
i hear a ringing in my ear
i nearly fall from my seat
i was just sitting here
lost in your beauty
i look up at the clock
its a quarter past 3
i get up out of my chair
12 years of infatuation
where did it get me
i look at the paper on my desk
i guess it got me nowhere
well at least it helped to fail history

so when its said and done
us losers will forever be
the guys that never broke your hearts
and take offense to your ignorance
ruthless as it may seem

ill never know what it would have taken to get you to notice me
maybe i should have hurt some kids
maybe i should have tried out for the team
maybe i should have gotten a new car
all sparkly and clean
next time theres someone like you
someone i have these feelings for too
i think ill just say it
whether its right
maybe its wrong
but it surely couldnt hurt because i know im not all that strong
but honestly what more could go wrong
all i do to me seems right
maybe all you needed to do was check your sight
over the course of these 12 years
i sure have learned a lot
about friends, love, and life
hell ive even smoked some pot
so much has changed
everything and everyone except for you
today was the last day
the last day to be what i want to
i knew it would be the same
i knew id feel this pain
its the pain in my stomach as i stand behind you just wishing i knew what to say
or possibly build up the courage to tap you on the shoulder
maybe say your name
just to get you to talk to me
but somehow i knew it would be the outcome would be the same
id sit there silent
just like its always been and will be
youll give me that look
roll your eyes and stamp your foot
youll turn around and head out the door
ill continue standing there as i watch you out the door
ill crack a smile at your face
a smile that fades to a frown
time spent adoring you
188 days now times by 12
all the nice things i should have said
to you i was just a clown

so when its said and done
us losers will forever be
the guys that never broke your hearts
and take offense to your ignorance
ruthless as it may seem

so now this trip is over
we will be going our separate ways
maybe ill see you again
but i hope i dont remember your face
and maybe if i do youll finally talk to me
who knows
maybe you and him turned out not meant to be
ill think to myself man i knew it
that loser she was with
it figures he blew it
but then when you wanna talk
i probably just wont care
after all you always made me feel worthless
you laughed when he used to pull my chair
out from under me just before i sat down
sometimes i think it made you happy just to see me frown
you smiled when they tripped me in the lunchroom
making me drop my tray
you thought it was hillarious
the shit he pulled on april fools day
so now when you want me to care
i just wont
ill give you that same look you gave me
ill stamp my foot
and ill be mean
ill roll my damn eyes
turn around
and leave you standing there
talking to the air
almost 18 years trying to show you i cared
i just dont anymore
all you ever had to do was tell that it was rude of me to stare

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