No one ever lived a thousand years
Not like things we do or say
Some of those who really changed this world
We would welcome back today
They could really light the way

So call up Otis
Call up Marvin
Call for Buddy
Bring them on

Call for Ludwig
And for Johann
We need Lennon
We mean John

Words live longer than a thousand years
Listen hard to what they say
Single voices that would change this world
We would welcome back today
They would really light the way

So call up Jimi
Let's have Stevie
Look for Miles
To take the floor

Call for Billie
Yell for Ella
Call up Elvis
We'll need more

So call up Einstein
Bring back Darwin
Call for Newton
And Luther King

We need Gandhi
Call Da Vinci
Call for Jesus
And ask Him in

If we live another thousand years
Who could help along the way?
Some of those who came and changed this world
We would welcome back today
They would really light the way

So call up Garbo
Let's have Mansfield
Maybe Monroe
No, she's for sure

Call Sinatra
Come on Crosby
Is that Bogie
At the door?

Bring on Bergman
How about Dietrich?
Let's have James Dean
Leave the car

Call Picasso
We need Monet
Let's have Rembrandt
And Renoir

Call up Groucho
Come on Gable
Bring on Hitchcock
And let's get wilde

Come on Gershwin
Let's call Porter
Maybe Duke
Could show some style

Call up Shakespeare
Bring on Byron
We need Shelley
And maybe Keats

Come on Wordsworth
Bring on Browning
Robert Burns

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    General Comment
    This is a disgrace of the song, and it's not even a project song, so I don't know why it's listed as one. Worst song Parsons has ever produced.
    inpraiseoffollyon May 24, 2006   Link
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    If it weren't for rap, heavy metal, and punk rock, this would be in competition for the worst song ever.
    inpraiseoffollyon June 02, 2006   Link

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