Macabre -the chrysalis' dream is the swallowtail's wings-

spread your wings, you who wishes to fly dream of the swallowtail
it seems the snake skin suits you well white dream
the chattering rain strikes down you cannot even stir
only waiting, you've become the bait mouth open

from the chrysalis open your wings soon it seems you will fly away
you whose loveliness remains is now an adult
you loved in the flower honey you sipped, and drank
I always unnoticing fang peels

together bloom in profusion with escargot and foie gras, you are
you of the beautiful chrysalis show your soiled wings
shake me inside the stomach

you of the roses your wings come off
the skin of the snake suits you, doesn't it?

rotation rotating rotated
multiple answers life repeating

turn turning turned
you are dissolving, inflamed, becoming one will the joining suit you?

surely like a mermaid swimming in a pool of gastric juices surely like a swallowtail the chrysalis has wings

if you can forgive even a cruel animal
legs that have forgotten the ground will not leave

Lyrics submitted by Shinigami

Macabre (Sanagi No Yume Wa Ageha No Hane) (English) song meanings
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    General CommentThe lyrical content is superb.... man it rocks.
    jrockisloveon February 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe song is a bit tricky. It seems kyo has cast himself as a bird, and the "you" (girl) as the bug he devours. This sounds like a veiled allusion to kyo's own frustrations in getting a girl he likes. The lyrics make it sound as if maybe the bug thinks its so special and then through kyo's ingestion of her, is taken down to his level. However in the end, kyo is unable to really make this girl his, only artificially, and in his fantasy she tacitly agrees to her fate. This sounds suspiciously like any of the recent kidnappings or killings... like the case of the girl who was held captive for over ten years in the boys room. Like, if you capture or kill or eat something it becomes yours... its a fundamental of criminal psychology. On to song notes... "escargot and fogura" are staples of french cuisine and very expensive perhaps this is a metaphor for the girl's percieved worth. That she would be surrounded by such things. We had no idea how to translate "Garari Barari BaraBara" Our interpretation is all we could get. If you got something more, let us know. The last lines of the song are the aforementioned tacit agreement of fate, lamented by the digested bug. A note about the wording of the subtitle. Its written in an old form of reading Chinese, strangely enough. As you may or may not know Japan had no written language when Chinese was imported way back when. They used this number system to make sense of the language. Kyo likes wordplay. This is yet another example of his eclectic tastes. The song: Disturbing.
    SadisticMacabreon March 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSM excellent, I feel exactly the same way. Spot on!
    demented_lullabyon April 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is really interesting, the first time I really listened to it was at a school playgroud field while laying on a patch of ice .___. I love the drums in the begining and the rhythem overall. Towards the end I love how they played Kyo's normal voice over him singing in a high pitch :D When my friend first heard that part she was like, "OMG who's the lucky bitch singing with him!" I was like XD
    gotforgimmick[?]on January 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSadistic Macabre, there's a book by John Fowles called The Butterfly Collector. It's on the same track you were going on, about kidnapping someone to own them. It's a great book, I think you should read it. As well as anyone else who comes across this post.
    violet_yoshion April 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentLOLZPLAIGARISM. SadisticMacabre took his/her comment directly, word for word, from On purpose? Maybe, maybe not, but that's why everyone should list their sources.
    jrockisloveon May 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song has easily some of the strongest and most appealing bass. The imagery that Kyo uses in his lyrics are fantastic, whether the lyrics are meant to be taken metaphorically or quite literally. Oh goodness, I love the music that they come up with.
    Valentine Svetlanaon June 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI'm not really sure about Sadistic's (or whomevers) meaning of this song, but to me, it seems to describe a (famous) person trapped as something they are not. The fact that they want to "Spread there wings" as they "dream of the swallowtail" seems as if they are thinking of a life they want to live.

    Also, in regards to the snake skin and tralala, its almost like Kyo (or us as he is portraying) is targeting this person, stripping them of false layers so that the world can see who they truely are. He (or we) becomes the rain, attacking them, and they cannot move. It's like they are to scared to face the truth.

    Next verse is like they are ready to break from the facade they've shown. Growing up, realizing hiding is pointless, though still trying to retain the beauty that the world knows them by. The quotes about honey is like the face they're still trying to show to the world. Sweet and innocent.

    The next part looks like crap. -.- Sorry. But I think the other translations fit better. "Sucking the honey, you who loved the flowers, don't notice me as my beak comes at, you blooming all over with fogura and escargot." But I am titled to an opinion as well.

    The part with "show your soiled wings" is like the face finally breaking. The shaking in the stomach thing is like the world finally taking notice that they aren't what they pretended to be. The wings finally coming off is the breaking point, where the world sees them for who and what they truely are. Bitter, the snake skin.

    The next verse is like they look at there past life (before the breaking) going round and round in the same cycle with different answers, seeing the outcome of what could have been.

    Next verse, they are still breaking. The world has seen the truth of them. Will being like us, normal, make it better? Or something along that line.

    "Surely like a mermaid swimming in a pool of gastric juices" To me, the mermaid is representing life. The swimming part meaning going through stages. So that sentence, I interpret; 'surely like life, going through its stages.'

    "Surely like a swallowtail the chrysalis has wings" The swallowtail is like the normal people. 'Surely like you, we (famous people) are normal.'

    The next verse strikes me as, 'I hope you can forgive us for breaking you, but if you've forgotten yourself, you'll never have wings (be normal).'

    Bah. I'm not trying to be a poet or anything, but this is what I felt like it meant, yanno? Like Kyo is describing his fans, or the critics and paparazzi, tearing apart at them (Dir en Grey, famous people) until we get at what they are truely like. So please, no bashing me. -.-'

    Moral: While it's true the people will make or break you, it's you whom gives them something to break. Though if you just act yourself, you will be treated as such.

    I hope I made some sense. Things don't usually turn out like I mean them to. :)
    yaoicookieon June 19, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAhh...This song is all-encompassing...You have all made such good points, but there is no describing genius like this song. You can't hope to classify lyrics, because then the music is left out. You can't dream to rationalize music because then the lyrics won't fit. Here's my challenge:

    Find a ten-minute break
    Bust out the Bose headphones
    Close your eyes
    Try to hear every single element of the song (drums, bass, guitar, vocal)
    Let your mind be enveloped by the perfect sonic harmony of this song.
    Karasu1792on April 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI really miss centigrade-j (Bryan's translation website)... He had the BEST translations ever, and the way he and his wife worded this particular song was amazing. The last verse especially stuck with me, and I have Brian's version on a wallpaper I made a long time ago...

    You want to spread your wings and fly
    dreaming of the swallowtail butterfly
    you would seem to suit your shed skin.... daydream
    hit by the pounding rain, you couldn't move anymore
    you're just waiting to become food. My mouth opens

    You're almost ready to take flight, so close to sprouting wings
    still my adorable pupa, you are now... an adult, aren't you?

    Sucking the honey, you who loved the flowers
    don't notice when my beak comes at
    you blooming all over with fogura and escargot

    Dear pupa, show me tainted wings
    I felt them flitting... from my stomach

    Castdown, suddenly shaken, you're broken apart
    your wings tear off
    does a snakeskin suit you now?

    Spinning, you spin and spun
    through a life of the same old same old

    Turning. you turn and turn as you melt away
    Shall we blend together into one?

    Surely, you're swimming in the digestive juices like a mermaid
    Surely, a pupa will sprout wings like a swallowtail butterfly

    "IF it's you I'll allow it,
    Even if you are a cruel thing.
    You left my legs on the ground....
    Don't leave them like that, OK?"

    ch0lita623on May 09, 2009   Link

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