just let the worlds collide
breathe easy, and you'll trail back off to sleep
with no pushing inside you going on
be relieved your heart beats... next to me
and the east side of this state would be no place to raise a family
i feel the calm come over me
i take my lead from the sea and the century
and the east side of this state would be no place to raise a family
and the east side of this state, no place to raise a home at all
what have i learned from being inside of you
and the waves crash in over something more
and the waves crash in, i'm completed in this
twenty years and i break through
twenty years and i break free of this mold
cast around my heart, like winter's freezing grasp
words fall softly in my head
and the words fall softly in my head
on this bed of fire, where i dream next to you, every night

Lyrics submitted by DetroiToledo

The Sea and the century song meanings
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    General Commentfinally...someone has the lyrics. i've been looking for these forever. fafb is freakin' awesome. of all the songs i've heard of theirs, this one is my absolute favorite. it's so beautiful and tender. everytime i hear it...it just sends a chill down my spine. it's an amazingly great song...amazing.
    theartistsleisureon June 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYea, these rockers are amazing. I've had the pleasure of seeing them play three times now. They're supposed to be bringing out a full length sometime soon... it's kind of a mess right now, and who knows when it will though. I got the lyrics for all of these songs, except "In Loving Memory", off of the 5 song 's/t' ep they have released. I really want to get the lyrics to the songs off of the 3 song tour ep, "Edison" "Maginot Line" and "Maybe For Now", those songs are also so amazing, unfortunately no lyrics came with the disc... so if anyone has them, or can figure them out, please please do.
    DetroiToledoon June 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYes, this band is amazing. Definately one of my favorite local (MI) bands. I think this song could be about falling in love with a girl for the first time. Maybe even making love to that girl for the first time. There are a couple lines in the song that I don't understand that make me unsure though. Like, "The East side of this state..." What does he mean by that?
    Shawn Hodginson June 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think it's a lot of what you said Shawn, definitely about him and a girl, probably in love, definitely having made love. "East side of this state no place to raise a family" I think just means he wants out of SE Michigan before he settles down and starts a family. I'm torn between two possibilities, though. The one I'm most sure of is a pregnancy 'scare'. From the lyrics it sounds like it's a posting having made love, and now he may be looking at raising a family. The other possibility i think, is just that he wants to get out of Michigan and do more with his life and band before he starts a family.
    DetroiToledoon February 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentFAFB is one of the coolest bands ever imo! too bad it's pretty unlikely they're gonna come 2 play shows in germany :-|
    numb77on March 04, 2005   Link

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