"Chocolate Cake" as written by and Tim Finn Neil Finn....
Not everyone in New York would pay to see Andrew Lloyd Webber
May his trousers fall down as he bows to the queen and the crown
I don't know what tune that the orchestra played
But it went by me sickly and sentimental

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake
Tammy Baker's got a lot on her plate
Can I buy another cheap Picasso fake
Andy Warhol must be laughing in his grave

The band of the night take you to ethereal heights over dinner
And you wander the streets never reaching the heights that you seek
And the sugar that dripped from the violins bow
Made the children go crazy, put a hole in the tooth of a hag

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake
Tammy Baker must be losing her faith
Can I buy another cheap Picasso fake
Andy Warhol must be laughing in his grave

And the dogs are on the road
They're all tempting fate
Cars are shooting by
With no number plates
And here comes Mrs. Hairy Legs

I saw Elvis Presley walk out of a Seven Eleven
And a woman gave birth to a baby and then bowled .257
The excess of fat on your American bones
Will cushion the impact as you sink like a stone

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake
Tammy Baker, Tammy Baker
Can I buy another cheap Picasso fake
Cheap Picasso, cheap Picasso fake

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake
Kathy Straker, boy could she lose some weight
Can I buy another slice of real estate
Liberace must be laughing in his grave

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake
Can I have another piece of chocolate cake
Can I have another piece of chocolate cake
(Piece of that thing on the plate)

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"Chocolate Cake" as written by Neil Mullane Finn Brian Timothy Finn


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    Song MeaningFunny... I was listening to this today and wondering the same thing. Here's what I get out of it.

    Its about how people don't place value on the right things. They aren't interested in real art, but are happy with mass, crowd pleasing, saccharine stuff. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cheap Picasso fakes are things that look like art -- but are really just cheap imitations that satisfy most people, who lap them up.

    Andy Warhol rather famously decided that people would find Campbell Suit Cans art, if it was packaged as same. Ditto silk screens of Marilyn Monroe's face. He was commenting on the gullibility of what people thought was of value.

    Chocolate Cake goes down easy -- but its mostly empty calories. Have some more suckers!
    troutcoon August 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentYou'll find that a fair few big Crowded House fans dont like this song...It was fairly popular with the mainstream public, but was very "uncrowdies"...Interesting Lyrics tho..anyone got any ideas?
    nails_in_my_feeton April 22, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI beleive it has a political theme like some othe CH songs. this one is about capitalism especially american capitalism and the negative sideeffects of it. we have lost sight of our priorities and values.
    "Not everyone in New yaork would pay to see ALW" well i would say that most people in NY couldnt afford too and i think that is what it means.

    A very prophetic song as well
    "The excess of fat on your american bones will cushion the impact as you sink like a stone" mean that although you are fat (wealthy, comfortable in society. world) from your greediness and ideals now you will come back down to earth and hard.(9,11 although the song was written years b4)
    Plenty of other clues as well.
    I think thisa song has shaped the way i view america and it's ideals. It is a very negative song thoug for CH, one of their angriest.
    nnopon April 28, 2003   Link
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    General CommentNice one nnop. I definitely agree. Andrew Warhol was an artist that had left views, and was despised by the right wing of his time.

    The song does have a very arty theme, Andrew Warhol, Picasso.

    Tammy Baker is a 'patron saint of the consumer church...Another one also involved with art, but in particular religion..Anyway top song.
    nails_in_my_feeton June 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentNeil and Tim were at a cafe in New York when a massively overweight person sat near them and devoured a large piece of chocolate cake, One of the boys (I forget who) turned to the other and said in a sarcastic tone "Can I have another piece of chocolate cake?" Good old Te Awamutu boys, give those yankees shit
    Zoso_NZon June 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI agree, it's taking the piss out of Americans... pretty funny too :P I love this song, especially the instrumental near the end... mmmmm...
    mercury_girl86on July 17, 2006   Link
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    General Commentcapitalism and consumerism..
    and it's effects on american society.
    very smart song...still rings true over here (sadly).
    i don't think it has anything to do with terrorist attacks though.
    "now the excess of fat on your american bones will cushion the impact as you sink likke a stone" is more metaphorical. to me that line, more or less, means "one day you'll get yours"...
    you know...
    twistedviewlabson January 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOn the DVD "Great Australian Albums- Woodface"

    Tim Finn said:
    "I happened to be in a restaraunt in America
    and i heard these people say
    'So what d'ya reckon, another piece of chocolate cake
    or should we get the cheque' and although that line is never used in
    the song, it just stuck!"
    JasperBon August 08, 2009   Link
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    General Commentamercian excess and bad packaging
    kaatrienon June 28, 2003   Link

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