"Right Turn" as written by and Jerry Cantrell....
Inside always trying to get back inside
But it's so hard to penetrate pig-thick skin
I'm 'bout as low as I can get
I'd leave but I can't forget
Still I wonder why it ain't right, mmm it ain't right, oooh
Ain't right, mmm it ain't right, yeah
'Bout as low as she can get
She'll leave me but she won't forget
And she wonders why she ain't right, she ain't right

Ain't right, she ain't right
Now we're as low as we can get
Can't leave and can't forget
We ain't right, we ain't right
Not right, we ain't right
Well it's hard to believe that somebody tricked you
when you can see you were only high
It's all up to you so you gamble
flat on your face and into the fire

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"Right Turn" as written by Jerry Cantrell

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    General CommentCornell kills it on that last verse.
    gummoon October 19, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthe vocals on this song give me chills ever time i hear this song Alice MudGarden is a great band they should have done more this song rocks
    steveo8488on July 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so awesome...its one of the reason alice in chains is so great...like no band ever does anything like this song anymore. Even thought Chris Cornell only has a small part in the song its still very awesome...I love this song.
    Soundgarden1019on February 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI love the part where Mark Arm comes in.(:
    GrungeGirl95on July 30, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about how we're always looking for that special someone but its so damn hard. He says that he's depressed about the whole situation and wants to leave the place but its pointless cause he'll still be thinking about her. He mentions how he thinks she is dealing with the same thing and how it aint right that they should both be going through this personal pain and anguish. This is where the song shows its full meaning...the end part, i believe he is saying that after trying to hook up with this girl again, he realizes that he was only drunk or high and she was really only playing with him when he thought something meaningful was between them. So now he's left looking like the fool for going after her. He gambles on calling her, but she totally blows him off and he falls flat on his face and into the fire.
    Sicmanon September 26, 2004   Link
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    General CommentTruthfully, it makes no difference what this song is specifically about. Songs such as Right Turn trigger emotions we all share from a wide variety of experiences. When Chris Cornell screams this last verse,

    Well it's hard to believe that somebody tricked you
    when you can see you were only high
    It's all up to you so you gamble
    flat on your face and into the fire...

    I feel like a 50 foot giant, kneeling on the ground, snarling , slamming my car-sized fists to the ground in unison, smashing buildings, homes, everything in sight, savagely screaming the verses, shaking my head slowly from side to side, wondering how the fuck this woman did this to me. This song just turns me completely inside out.

    So you see, the meaning to songs is trigger emotions. The meaning is a completely individual thing. Who knows what it will trigger in your mind. That's why I love music. It's always an adventure to see where your mind takes you during a song.
    HolePunchedHearton November 20, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationYep, I think it's about a relationship where the two people know it isn't right, but they are afraid of leaving.....very relatable. Amazing song - amazing vocals, soulful music, great melody.

    Nobody's mentioned the clear sexual innuendo with the first few lines, but I suppose I'm stating the obvious.

    I think the last few lines suggest she was cheating - she claims she was somehow tricked as a justification, and this is the author's response. She "gambles" with the relationship by messing around on him.
    hoppingbunnyon December 31, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think this one is as close to a "Drinking Song" for heroin as you can get...!
    thewoodenmanon January 22, 2011   Link
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    General Commentthis is one of my favorite alice in chains songs. i see it as a song that basically says "we're stuck in a ditch in the road and we have no clue as of what to do to get out of it". they take it upon themselves and feel guilt because of what they couldve done to make everything right.
    SwornToTheBlackon August 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI love this duet. Clashing of the Kings of Grunge, Layne Staley, Jerry Cantrell, and Chris Cornell (w/ Soundgarden at the time) together for such a beautiful piece.

    I think the song signifies the wrongdoings and zany actions of a girlfriend gone wrong.

    I think it's also trying to say that in a break-up, the guy isn't always at fault, because the girl can be just as cheating or obnoxious.
    grey__foxon May 01, 2004   Link

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