How the mind does shout for rest
When the body is shaken, yeah
Oh, this tightness in my chest
Still your leaves I'm raking

Oh Lord, is this a test?
Was it fun creating, yeah?
My god's a little sick
And he wants me crazy

Are you
Who can say
It's okay to live through me?
Live to be
Part of me
You're a wrinkled magazine

Was it something that I said?
Was it how they're breaking, yeah?
I'm so selfish, paying your rent
While your blood I'm taking

Spend me
Like a tree
Dirty dollar bills for leaves
Dark in a sea
Of my seeds
And the tears on which you feed

You feed

Your body is a temple
A dormant alter
To where infantile men lie around
Itching and nibbling
Hoping for a small piece of sanity
That of which you can not give


Buying penance with my soul
And a little Heaven spent
Why the hell not take it?

Hide from life
You know they'll remember me
They are abhorred
In self-worth
All that matters much to me, yeah

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A Little Bitter [Live] Lyrics as written by Michael Inez Layne Staley

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    General CommentI think Staley is making alot of references to God in this one. That whole stanza where hes talking about a dormant altar and infantile men lying around looking for a piece of sanity...seems to be an accusation staley is making, basically stating that God's full of shit.
    PaperFaceon July 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentGOD, I hope I made my point here. I do have to agree with aicguy22 about people automatically thinking all of these songs are about Layne or drugs. Most of the songs were written by Cantrell and have nothing to do with either subject.
    PaperFaceon July 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about God, no question. Laynes life was hard, he went through alot with is family as a child and then again as an adult with drugs and such, his dad left him when he was a kid, then came back when he was famous because he had money and drugs. He was never very happy, and it seems hes asking god if its a test, and if god likes the idea of him being in pain all the time, and hes pissd about it. and he doesnt want god to live through him, he wants nothing to do with it, and he says the idea of god as loving and caring and always there is un-true. because he says ppl are just itching for a little bit of sanity in their lives and god doesnt even care enough to give them that
    Junkheadon April 06, 2003   Link
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    General CommentLayne was not saying God is full of shit,jeez....heroin to him was like a god,but it became more of a devil to him as time went on,read some interveiws with him,saying stuff that drugs were great,now i'm walking through hell..why does every person on here think that every song from AIC is about drugs,or they are anti-god or whatever,man,people need to get their shit straight on here.....look up heart's lyrics for ring them bells,geuss who sings back up with them,that's right,the one and only Layne....kinda puts people view of him as a anti-christian to crap huh??
    aicguy22on July 26, 2002   Link
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    General CommentOk, aicguy22. You say you're tired of people of people being naive and thinking that every aic song is about drugs or hating God. Well, you forgot to tell us what you think the song is about.

    This song is obviously about Layne lashing out at God. Theres so many references to God it should make the meaning of the song obvious.

    Are you
    Who can say
    It's ok to live through me

    Popular Christian belief would have us think that God is everywhere and in everyone and that we must perform Gods work to produce "fruit." In a sense, God is living through us and Staley doesn't seem to aprove.

    Lord is this a test
    Was it fun creating, yeah?
    My god's a little sick
    And he wants me crazy

    That should be obvious enough. Sure you can think you're smart and say that God is a metaphor for drugs or w/e....but then youd just be wrong.

    The body is a temple
    A dormant alter
    To where infantile men lie around
    Itching and nibbling
    For a small piece of sanity
    Of which you can not give

    "You" is once again referring to God. C'mon people! Hes talking about dormant alters and people looking for sanity that cant be given to them. Hes lashing out at God! Does it need to be spelled out for you.

    aicguy mentioned Hearts song Ring Them Bells. He also mentioned that the lyrics were written by HEART not Layne. Dude, just because you write a song about your problems with God, doesnt make you anti-christian.
    And this isn't the first time Staley has addressed his beef with God either. Check out God Am from the self-titled album. That ones even more obvious then this one.

    Staleys lyrics were always brutally honest. Blunt and to the point. They're not hard to figure out, but that doesnt mean the man wasnt a lyrical genius.
    PaperFaceon July 29, 2002   Link
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    General Commentpaperface,I apologize for the bitch fit in my previous post,I was tired as hell and wasn't thinking right,it does make sense though,people do blame God when they are struggling and feel like he abandoned them.your point does make sense,once again my apology,peace man
    aicguy22on July 30, 2002   Link
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    General CommentNah, don't worry about it. I needed a good bitch fit too.
    PaperFaceon July 30, 2002   Link
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    General Commentcool,thanks man
    aicguy22on July 30, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"God's name is smack for some"

    I think he says it best himself
    indifference84on August 26, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is about layne and how he feels about all the people who were around him basically becaus he was layne staley and they all leached off of him and he hate it. i think the references to god are becuse he's just pissed off that this is how his life was.
    stonedtemplepiloton June 27, 2003   Link

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