I love her
But she's in love with another man
I've seen him
And I must admit I don't understand
Why she would pick
A man like him instead of me
And I think
There's only one thing it could be

He's got coke
So he gets the girl
There's nothing I can do or say
I can offer her a heart that's warm
But my love won't take powdered form
So she won't give me the time of day

It's been hard
To see my girl with such a thug
When I can't
Even get a friendly hug
I'll never win
I guess I must make that admission
All the charm in the world
Is no match for a chemical addiction

He's got coke
So he gets the girl
And that's the way it's gonna be
She doesn't care who I am
Cause she measures love by the gram
And that's why she'll never fall for me

I thought I needed charm, good looks, and strength of character
All those womens magazines told me so
But none of that crap got me any closer to winning her
Cause all I really needed was some blow
You know
You know that's all I need

Cause she's a hor-ible judge
To this character she always was
I'll never get her
To break free of her skinner box
He's got the keys
To the pleasure centers in her brain
That's why he
Has got my lover so well trained

He's got coke
So he gets the girl
But I still think that I can win in time
Cause if I ever get the cash
I'm gonna buy myself a major stash
Then her love will be inspired
And she'll never get tired
As long as I keep her wired
She'll be mine

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