I live in a castle
I am a prince
On days I try
To please my queen

Soon as I start to smile
With my smiling queen
Who sits across the table
By the food she made

Like a bat I flushed the girl
And I flew out my back door
And I came to no one no more
She ran without glances
And railed like a red coal train
She ran without glances
And railed like a red coal train

Eyelids are opened
When the sun is high
I slip away from my queen's
Grey stare

I can be settled down
and be doing just fine
Until I heard that old train
Rolling down the line

With the light she disappeared
And set me in a whirl
And I hope that beautiful girl
I set a fire burning
And I railed on through the night
I set a fire burning
And I railed on through the night

She peeked around the corner
She offered me her hand
My teeth touched her skin
Then she was gone again

Now my queen is fine
In her early grave
After that girl I'll keep her warm
There's nothing more to save

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Nosferatu Man Lyrics as written by David Pajo Brian Mc Mahan


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    General Comment"I can be settled down
    And be doing just fine
    Until I heard that old train
    Rolling down the line"

    -Hank Williams, Jr. - "Ramblin' Man"
    Willboeon May 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentAwesome song. Most of it's in 5/4 and it's a hell of a lot of fun playing on drums.
    GrungeRock1991on October 11, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationWithout thinking too hard about this, it's basically falling out with a woman, right? A girl he sends to an early grave, metaphoricaly or literally, not sure.
    We're flung into this tension filled scene where a prince is dinning with his bae, the wibe is utterly uneasy (and very nosferatu-ish, for added bling) so i take the first two verses with a bit of sarcasm. These two seem to be in that spot in a relationship where you know shit is broken, yet you pretend it's fine. So the guy is pissed of, yeah?
    Okay, okay, seriously. Their smilling at each other, but it's a fake sort of forsed, dishonest smile. The girl prepared food, so they're definetly in a longterm relationship, rather than in a bring you home-and-suck-all-your-blood-before-dawn type of deal. His intentions seem to be sinnister like that though. He's either done, fed up. Or just feeling evil, for what ever reason. Because it's his nature?
    He "flushes" the girl, i guess this means he sends her running, screaming. And then flies after her. This could mean he litterally decides to kill her, it could be that horror movie moment when shit hits the fan. Or it could be a culmination of an intence fight, between two lovers, OR it could mean he told her something that made her run away. What could you tell your girlfriend that would make her histericall, and ditch? Maybe he reveals an evil episode of his from the past that comes as a shock to her.
    Anyway in the fourth verse she evades him, and in the fifth he's telling himself he's confident with losing her, fine without his pray, or his lover.
    "Until I heard that old train,
    Rolling down the line"
    But then remembers her and realises he isn't really. Herp durr...
    So now he's in a whirl, can't let it be like this.
    "And I hope that beautiful girl" makes me believe this was someone he genuinely cared for that is now gone, that he needs to get back, and that he then continues to search for, through the night.
    Interestingly she returns and finds HIM, peaking around the corner, with caution, aware of his nature, and the harm that could come to her, she ofers him her hand. Risks it. Because she loves him? This verse is also telling me the meaning of the song is trully more romantic than it seems.
    But alas, it's called "Nosferatu man" after all. He's teeth sink and now she's dead, or dead to him, "gone again". Finally in the last verse we find out the girl is fine in her early grave, he's saying this in a deuche bag vampyre that just finnished a hot chick happy-meal kinda way, or meaning she's now doing okay without him. After the break up.
    "After that girl I'll keep her warm"
    Could be that he's keeping her body in the oven for a midnight snack, or that she's gonna turn into another creature of the night that he'll keep warm in his castle. OR!!! It could mean he'll remember his ex in a fond way, because obviously his Dracula bullshit was why they split up anyway.
    "There's nothing more to save"
    I honestly don't have any stupid inerpretation for this one, except that he's acknowledging there is no more relationship to fight for.

    I guess when your in the right place you can relate to any type of text, even an omage to an old school horror movie. So this could be just me. But hey, who hasn't lost someone they loved because they were stupid. Or rather, evil.
    In conclusion i could be way off, but in my opinion this song is about a person coming to terms with his blood sucking, night stalking side, and a relationship permanently ending because of it.
    I'm not fully familiar with the rest of the lyrics on the album, but from what i do know i'll say, for the fun of it, that "Breadcrumb trail" could be the beginning of said relationship, and "Don, Aman", "Washer", and "Good morning, captain" all sound like the aftermath raging inside Nosferatu mans head, after his bae queen left. It's probably not just that. But am just sayin':)
    nival12on September 17, 2016   Link
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    General Commentcreepy song.
    kyasarinon June 06, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI think this song has, advertanly or not, Jungian symbols. The girl could be his anima, but I'm not sure. The train could be death ... and the bat could be his shadow.
    charrbinon May 29, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI figure this song is about having everything a person could want, but throwing it all away in order to be something more.

    That's why I think this song is titled Nosferatu Man: it's like willingly losing the ability to be in the sun and have healthy social relationships so as to gain the vast powers of a vampire.
    timothyrealon August 12, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think it's "grey stare" instead of "grey state."
    nerdfileson November 06, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis album was released a year after I was born. Anyway, I love me some SLINT!
    scottyislegiton October 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI don't really see any deep symbolism in the lyrics. I think they're mainly an attempt to recreate the eerie vibe of old silent black-and-white horror films, like (duh) Nosferatu. I definitely picture a silent movie going with this song. Someone should make one.
    rubberbandson March 25, 2011   Link

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