Who put all this
Dirt in my machine?
All I did was
Try to keep it clean

Don't be stupid
Everybody knows
I was only
Straightening my clothes

What do we got (here)?

You saw something
That had not begun
All the time I
Knew the light was on

What do we got (here)?

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I Am a Pig Lyrics as written by John Lowery Bob Marlette

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    My InterpretationIm going to brake this down line for line.
    Keep in mind this is just an interpretation.
    The way i brake things down is i look at each word and think of its literall meaning, and then i think of how society would use this you will understand. As well as i think we can agree the general theme here is sex.

    "Who put all this dirt in my machine"

    Ok so "dirt" to some people is "filth".
    "My machine" some people reffer to their minds or bodys as "a machine" to me hes asking "who put all this filth in my mind"

    "All i did was try to keep it clean"

    Him reffering to the machine saying he tryed to keep it "clean" or "pure". The way the tense is, states the machine was clean at some point. Just like all coruptted minds they were pure at some point.

    "Dont be stupid everybody knows i was only straightening my clothes"

    This one is a little more tricky. "Clothes" are somthing we wear to cover ourselves or more importantly portray an image. To me hes saying "dont fool yourself, everybody knows i only put on this apperance" or possibly "dont be stupid everybody knows im only fixing what makes me look wrong"

    "You saw somthing that had not begun"

    I beleive "you" is the same person who "put dirt in his machine". Or the person who made him start to feel the way he does. They saw somthing in him he was not aware was apart of him. I will reffer to this person as "you".

    "All the time i knew the light was on"

    This gave me goosebumps when i heard this lyric. It made me think of the people who have sex with the lights on, compared to the people who have sex in the dark. The people who have sex in the dark dont want to see whats happening, or think sex is ugly and they only want to feel. Where as people who have sex with the lights on want to feel and see, being stimulated physically and visually. Now this line could be from his perspective in this sense, "I knew what was happening from the start". Or it could be from "you"s perspective and they are saying "I knew that you were this way the whole time just on a more internal level"

    Overall i think this song is about halford realizing he has a darker or more active sexual side then he himself understood.
    Or like the other commenter, its about his sexuality that he himself is coming to terms with. Great song with great lyrics even if im nowhere close on the depiction :)
    openXmindedon February 28, 2014   Link

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