Can't seem to find my way
Someone tell me what to say
Where am I going
Where did I come from
I don't know, I don't know

Almost got to paradise
But the smoke always gets
In my eyes
Everything I do is wrong
I'm so bad . . . so bad

Late at night, they're asleep
I'm awake, get the urge
Hit the street, jump a curb
Alleyway, dark and wet
Set the trap, I forget
Who I am. But I know
I'll get you . . I'm so bad

I was born inside a cage
Never knew anything but rage
Although I tried so hard to adjust
Love is something I don't understand
Take what I need and I get what I can
OH . . . I'm so bad

I wake up in the morning so tired
Dreamt that I was walking through fire
The fire didn't hurt me though
We're old friends

Can't seem to find my way
Someone tell me what to say
Everything I do is wrong

Pass the time, lie in bed
Hotel room, T.V. set
Got to move, might be dead
Catch a ride, I'm awake
Join a crowd, hidden blade
Buy a drink, you better pray
I don't get you
I'm so bad . . . so bad

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"I'm So Bad" as written by Danny Elfman

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    My InterpretationI think this could be about someone who is a criminal but has been released from prison.

    He grew up in a family of criminals ('born inside a cage') and this is all he knows so he can't adapt to normal life in society and doesn't know how he should act. Also he only thinks about what he needs and wants and not how it affects others. This is due to the fact that his family was never caring and acted in this way so he doesn't understand love because of this. It's strange to him that you would put anyone ahead of yourself.

    He could have tried to act in the right way and be a 'good' person (so almost got to paradise) but he always reverts back to his instincts which could be the smoke in his eyes which clouds his conscience and confuses him.

    By this point in the song I think he is frustrated that he is 'bad' and is an outcast even though he tries to live in the right way. I think this is why he starts committing crimes again in the third section.

    Then I think the fifth section is about his conscience playing on his mind and keeping him awake. However I think he realises that he thrives on this feeling of being 'bad' and having power so the 'fire' no longer bothers him.
    Despite this in the next section he still tries to fit into society. It's as if he can't quite accept who he is since he grew up thinking his way of life was normal and never knew he was an outcast.
    In the final bit I think he has accepted his role as a villain in society and plans on continuing to be a criminal.

    This is just what I think it could be about.
    MissWhoon February 22, 2016   Link

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