Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life for me yeah

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me
And I'm feeling good

Fish in the sea, you know how I feel
River running free, you know how I feel
Blossom on the tree, you know how I feel

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

Dragonfly out in the sun you know what I mean, don't you know
Butterflies all havin' fun, you know what I mean
Sleep in peace when day is done, that's what I mean
And this old world, is a new world
And a bold world for me

Stars when you shine, you know how I feel
Scent of the pine, you know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me

And I'm feeling good

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"Feeling Good" as written by Anthony Newley Leslie Bricusse

Lyrics © T.R.O. INC., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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    General CommentWell, last year I suffered a breakdown. Eight years of panic attacks prior to that. I seperated from my wife of 18 years, in which I have since recognised that it was a total toxic relationship. I lost my job, which I hated in an industry I hated.

    I'm rebuilding my life as a single man, changing my career and I coping really well with the mental health.

    This song came on the radio the other day. It's me!!!! I'm all over it at the moment. I hope you're all feelin' good too!
    Timbooon July 19, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is an angry song but it is also a song of joy. Nina Simone's songs are often a shout for freedom. "Feeling Good" meaning for me is as follows: Whatever this world throws at me I am happy because this world can't take away my inner freedom. No-one can take away your sky from you.
    This is one of my most favourite pick-me-up songs.
    alexandralon July 23, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningOk, so the meaning of this song hit me like a truck after I got out of an unhealthy relationship, and was mostly over the negative post break-up feelings. The meaning of this song is almost entirely centered around one line.

    "Oh freedom is mine
    And I know how I feel"

    The entire song is referring to nature and how everything in nature understands and knows how she feels, and how does she feel? Well, freedom is hers, so she, like the things in nature, knows what it feels like to be free...but what exactly does freedom feel like? Well...

    "It's a new dawn
    It's a new day
    It's a new life
    For me

    And I'm feeling good"
    Crustysockson August 17, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think if you're really sad this song actually has kind of a sinister feel. Like, I feel angry that they feel so good and I feel so bad. Also the kinda slow, laidback-ness of the music puts a kind of I'm-rubbing-this-in-your-face feel to it. But hey-ho that's just cause I'm weird. =P
    And I still love the song.
    personno.1on January 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentJust reading the lyrics isn't enough. Hearing her voice breathe life into the words is the real experience.
    Thia007on November 27, 2011   Link
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    General Commentevery time when i'm feeling bad, or when i feel really good this song makes me feel better, or even better.
    i think it's one of the best songs ever.
    revolutionon September 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYeah I'll have to agree, I know that I talk about how wonderful all these songs are but this is such a great song and so unknown at that. I wish more people knew about this wonderful and soulful singer and especially about this song. One of my favorite songs to actually sing.
    ars musicaon April 25, 2003   Link
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    General Commentthis song is great.
    only thing is everybody is lead to beleive that nina simone was the original artist, she wasn't
    the song is from a british musical called "the roar of the greasepiant the smell of the croud" and tackles issues about the class in England.

    nina simones version is good but the original is piano based and has a slightly different tune
    Hana33on June 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think/feel that the song is ment to be sarcastic, you know,... when someone asks if you're okay and you just say "yeah i'm fine" but you ain't.
    I one of those that say you can't beat the originals of songs but when it comes to this i'm sorry but "MUSE" take this another level.
    Maleprozon March 16, 2008   Link
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    General Commentpersonno, you're not weird - about this song at least. I got that, too.
    lilchenon August 17, 2008   Link

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