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    General Comment"David's seed" is Jesus, according to the Scriptures, and the song speaks of his "paper crown"...obvious to me that they are putting Jesus down while elevating the "Most High"...

    I have read that Aleister Crowley referred to Satan with the title of "Most High"...just food for thought as to what this song might be about.

    I do admire the musical talents of Page and Plant, but I do not concur with their worldview or spiritual leanings.
    blindlemon5103on April 16, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti love this song
    Philadelphia Eagleson June 15, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti dont really understand what it means but it sounds awesome is a sweet song
    dancingdayson April 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthow does it mock christianity??? i know plants stuff has always been mystical and stuff, but i dont see what u mean. Anyway if you go on youtube i found the video to this song its really, well very abstract. u can say page was a satanist or w/e...but no one really knows what those guys were really into,

    but anyway this is a good album, any zeppelin fan should hear it, if bonzo was still around and jpj, ya'know it would be A Lot better, but oh well...its good enough and u can enjoy it on the musical surface...not much to make u return to it though
    rocknmetal4lifeon March 05, 2007   Link
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    General Commentoops, I put brackets around my interpretation and it did not post.

    When David's seed talks through his paper crown.. that's the bible

    And he spits hot steel... that's where scripture say, out of his mouth came a sharp two edged sword and by it slew the great army before him (armegeddon).. and.. they all fell down.

    as a side note, did you know, (if you believe in the bible) and you must if you listen to Zeppelin...

    Lucifer was the chief musician in heaven.
    When he walked... music would exude from him.
    (these are meanings taken from original language, hebrew)

    The "pipes" were made in him.

    I have never heard so much genius in music as with LZ. It's astounding.
    moboon July 07, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationAlthough neither Page nor Plant have written songs or lyrics with a political meaning, when reading the lyrics I am reminded of the situation between Israel and Palestine, war, mercilessnetss, "children falling down". David's seed I think is referring to Israelis in general, as decendans of David. It is as if Jesus himself ("the land (not light) where my spirit was born") is calling upon the Lord Most High (God) to hurry to the rescue of the innocent. I don't know if Crowley named Satan "Most High", but even if he did I don't think this has any relevance to the meaning of this song.
    Mirach57on January 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentJust bought this disc in a $1 bin. Loved Zeppelin long before I became a Christian, and still keep a select few songs on my ipod. (Ones that aren’t overtly Satanic.) Seems obvious to me that this song speaks sympathetically, from the perspective of Palestine, bemoaning Israel’s hypocrisy in claiming to be the guardians of God’s truth while simultaneously using military means to protect themselves. It’s a muddy debate that won’t be settled until Jesus returns. In my mind, not accepting Jesus as Messiah would afford the Jews that luxury of conscience, as they reject some of Jesus’ teaching in the New Testament against non-resistance. It is my opinion that God is using the tainted interpretations of the Biblical role of a theocratic government to prolong the earth’s most ancient conflicts, affording as many as would be willing the opportunity to find the truth. The ambiguity of references to the “Most High” is likely intentional, and possibly even sarcastic. Only Page and Plant know for sure. Searching the occult for the Unknowable Most High is the age-old dead end. Better to search the Bible for the real Jesus while there’s still time.
    josiahgrayon June 27, 2013   Link
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    General CommentIt's very interesting to see these interpretations - most of them anyway. I loathe the satanic interpretations put forward by people who misinterpret Jimmy Page's interest in the occult and those who make the more outrageous claim to be able to make out satanic lines only after first being told what to listen for (and thus bias themselves in doing so) in a backmasking of "Stairway to Heaven". The political connections to the Middle East, even if unintended I find relevant and the religious interpretations are very interesting, too. To me, this song has a blatant religious meaning and that is a struggling for the connection with the supernatural. I don't think it is, as has been suggestion, a mockery of Christianity or faith in general, but much the opposite, a struggle for faith rather than a sardonic or sarcastic declaration against it.

    Look at the lyrics:

    [] Who guards the truth
    Oh lord most high
    A frightened dove in a starless sky, oh-oh, oh oh oh
    So high, most high, so high

    Who hides the east from the blind man's eye
    In the land of peace
    Where the righteous cry, oh-oh, oh oh oh
    So high, most high, so high []

    The first two verses seem, to me anyway, to be an expression of the unknowable about the supernatural and specifically the vulnerability so many of us feel, especially the innocent. "Who guards the truth" and "Who hides the east" describe that God is keeping Himself unknown or as One disconnected from us all(I will use the masculine form for ease) as a part of His Will or at the very least, that we, as humans, have a hard time finding Him. The "Truth" is just that, the actual nature of God and His Will, and similarly "the East", the direction from which the sun (and light with it_ rises each day (to free us from the darkness of night), is meant to represent security in knowledge and trust in God. "A frightened dove in the starless sky" represents the person seeking God and this is, for me, is an especially brilliant line that compares an innocent human searching for God to a dove (recognized symbol of peace and hope) and the state of uncertainty about God and trusting in His Will to the darkness of night (remember stars were once used as the main source of navigation at night). The dove is helpless to find its way home just as we feel often helpless to find our way to God.

    [] Where are the words of the king
    Who moves the stars and then the sun
    To the light where my spirit was born
    Bring this wanderer home []

    This verse is a continuation of the same frustration and fear and confusion perpetuated by the first two verses and which continues throughout the song. Plant is asking "Where are the words of God? I cannot hear Him." He is marveling in the creation and power of God while simultaneously lamenting the distance he feels between himself and his Creator. The last line implores God to reach out to him and help him find his way back to God. This verse is repeated later on with the "Plantations" of "come on, come on" which serve to express an urgency in wanting to find this connection.

    [] While mercy sleeps in the hearts of liars
    And the olive tree is consumed by fire, oh-oh, oh oh oh
    So high, most high, so high []

    Here is an elaboration of why it is so hard for this person to find God by basically describing that evil exists in the world and it is hard to reconcile an omnibenevolent God as Creator with people themselves being capable of such evil. It may also be somewhat of a plea for God to reach out to humanity as a whole to stop such destruction. The line "while mercy sleeps in the hearts of liars" could refer to the fact that people choose to do evil (lie, cheat, steal, harm, kil, etc.) when they know right from wrong and have the ability to understand the harm they inflict and empathize with those they are harming. "And the olive tree is consumed by fire" is the flip side. Where the first line of this verse refers to those who do the evil, the olive tree being consumed by fire represents the peaceful and innocent being harmed. So this verse, in continuation of the overall message is like saying, "Help me find you and understand your will. I don't understand why someone would want to harm a good person and why a good person is allowed to be harmed."

    [] When David's seed talks
    Through his paper crown
    And he spits hot steel
    See all the kids fall down []

    This is probably the most complex verse of the song, I think. Mobo was definitely onto something when he made the direct connection to the Bible. I think Mobo was specifically referring to David killing the army of the Syrians (circa 2 Samuel 10:18) which I believe is being alluded to by the last two lines "And he spits hot steel, see all the kids fall down", but I don't think, besides the allusion, that is what is being discussed. Why say, David's seed, if you're talking about David? "David's seed" is described as Jesus Christ in the New Testament, but here I believe its used to specifically discuss Christians who do violence in the name of their belief. The lines "When David's seed talks through his paper crown" could aptly be applied to the Catholic Church or any house of worship really that has abused their faith for political and societal control of the masses. "And he spits hot steel, see all the kids fall down" translates into the evil that is done by the religious extremists - very much still relevant today. So, in my view, in a nutshell, overall the song has progressed from "Where are you God? I cannot find you" to "I know you are all-powerful and believe you are Good but yet Evil exists" to "and in fact, some people even do evil in Your name."

    That's just my take though.

    myselfcontrolicantrelyonanymoreon June 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's a great mockery of christianity!
    Philadelphia Eagleson January 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWhen David's seed talks
    Through his paper crown

    And he spits hot steel

    See all the kids fall down

    Ohhh yeah, mmm
    So high, most high, so high, Oh oh yeah
    it's no mockery of Christianity.

    Olive tree is Israel. Gentiles are grafted in, every mans work is tried by fire. So an olive tree will burn with fire.

    Speaking of David, did you know, David drew crowds like Zeppelin, all them that were discontent, sad, in debt.. gathered to David, who was a type of Christ.

    Stop looking for Satan, if you look for him, yule find him. I like otherposters comments, they admire the talents, don't always agree or understand what is being sung.

    David was the sweet singer of Israel, he's probably written more songs than Plant and Page combined.
    moboon July 07, 2007   Link

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