light from within. of solace. with my kin. sparked. by words. fed with broken glass. from an angel. cursed. with razored hands. here we are. here i stand. with blind fold tight and drowning quickly. so i accepted. this ray oflight. to lacerate of my sins. to lacerate of these bones. to lacerate of my soul. with back turned on God. i walked through this storm. neck to the sword. reflecting her eyes. (lost) in the middle of the road. to blindly follow in footprints that have been covered by the snow. i was dependent. on the strength of another. i lost my way. she led me to her. i once depended. on the virtues of the strong . i lost my ay. she held my hand as i drowned. left all alone. i cried when i saw. what i had become. i. had. become. my. wounds. i had. become. my wounds. there was no where. left to go but up. ascension through strength. strength through wisdom. that knowledge grew in me. this void would be filled soon. i held strong to where i'm from. and the man that i've become. mend your eyes, mend your eyes to see for the first time. (forged in your fear of change, cowards are made that way. cowards die that way) mend your eyes, mend your eyes, avert your eyes. let this hurting die. bring happiness into your life. sleep and dream of us. everything's going to change. from the way that it used to be. this pain will end tonight. tear this thorn from your side. these wounds will heal in time. let go and be free . i. willed. and. so. it. became. the truth. i was blind before. but i am blind no longer. this battle is long over. but not the war. go. because youre all i have left. there is nothing. in this world. there is nothing. in this world. there is nothing. that can keep me from you.

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The Sins That Bring Kings To Their Knees song meanings
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