The wounds on your hands never seem to heal
I thought all I needed was to believe

Here am I, a lifetime away from you
The blood of Christ, or the beat of my heart
My love wears forbidden colours
My life believes

Senseless years thunder by
Millions are willing to give their lives for you
Does nothing live on?

Learning to cope with feelings aroused in me
My hands in the soil, buried inside of myself
My love wears forbidden colours
My life believes in you once again

I`ll go walking in circles
While doubting the very ground beneath me
Trying to show unquestioning faith in everything
Here am I, a lifetime away from you
The blood of Christ, or a change of heart

My love wears forbidden colours
My life believes
My love wears forbidden colours
My life believes in you once again

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"Forbidden Colours" as written by Ryuichi Sakamoto David Sylvian

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    Song MeaningForbidden Colours was, as noted, a war film. Specifically, one about the relationship between a young prison camp commander and a particular Australian prisoner who exerts a deep fascination upon him.

    The japanese word for colour is jiki, but it also denotes erotic love. Compounded with the modifier 'kin' meaning ilicit, you get kinjiki, which can be translated either as Forbidden Colours, or equally well was Forbidden Sexuality - in it's latter sense the word is used as a euphemism for homosexuality.

    In other words, the homoerotic subtext of both film and these lyrics isn't exactly hidden.

    Possible spoilers for 'Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence' follow:

    In the film, Captain Yonoi is ocnstrained by strict rules of bushido honor code and ultranationalist militarism from acknowledging his attraction to Jack Celliers. Ultimately this tension leads to his nervous collapse, and the cruel execution of Celliers.

    Characters on the sidelines of this confrontation, Hara and Lawrence, meet again after the war and are able to establish for a moment the communication that failed between the two leads (and their cultures). The simple wish of 'Merry Christmas' is the first indication ofn the possibility of forgiveness and understanding between them.

    Then song lyrics introduce a second theme of Christian faith to this context, adding a further dimension to the examination of the many cultural barriers around kinjiki.

    Rapheon October 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentPerhaps about how love is impossible sometimes.

    Beautiful song.
    JpnGhton April 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe song was originally written by Ryuichi Sakamoto for the 'Merry Xmas Mr Lawerence' soundtrack. It is during World War 2. To me this song is about the patriotism for one's country. In particular about the responsibilities and emotions that are asked from a soldier when he goes off and fights. When a soldier kills in the name of love and family, he gives his blood for his country and sheds blood in its name. So much senseless killing and violence, and for what? It's about the simple act of trying to love after witnessing and committing so many atrocities.
    Lord Hellskankon October 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentCannot believe only two people have commented on this song...
    It's beautiful
    Musiikholiikon May 30, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"I`ll go walking in circles while doubting the very ground beneath me"
    Don't know about you guys, but I think David Sylvian has the sexiest voice EVER
    maiabeeon March 27, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis is my fav song but I've never really understood what the lyrics mean. I guess their poetically ambiguous flavour could be summed up thus: men must fight against their true feelings in an attempt to remain loyal to their principles or someone else's principles be they religious, political, military or whatever. whether to attain power or simply survive. And the patriarchal bullies in charge enforce this division on men by insisting that they identify with their cause, their will, their stupid crimes and blood-ridden curses, particularly as soldiers but now also as fodder for corporations.
    DiamondHeadon July 19, 2015   Link

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