Dressed up for a big date
Like Halloween day but it was fourth of July now
A car crash with a suitcase and a painted face
She was one of a kind

She wears a plastic crown like Cinderella
And roller skates in bed
Crash rides the greyhound from his hometown
When he comes around 'cause they don't let him drive now
Mixed up as a milkshake

But make no mistake
They're shooting for the stars

You and me
We're invincible, together
We can be so tragical, whatever

Dressed up just like Ziggy but he couldn't play guitar
Captain crash and the beauty queen from mars
Share a toothpick, trading lipstick
Watching traffic for days at the diner
Holding hands, making big plans
Playing superman, he was wearing eyeliner
Another local legend and his longtime lucky charm

You and me
We're invincible, together
We can be so tragical, whatever
Dressed up just like ziggy but he couldn't play guitar

Captain crash and the beauty queen from mars
They're drunk on love as you can get
Getting high on lust and cigarettes
Living life with no regrets
At least they're gonna try, to fly

You and me
We've invincible, together
We can be so tragical, whatever

We're Sid and Nancy
Fred and ginger
Clyde and Bonnie
Liz and Richard
Kurt and Courtney
Bacall and Bogie
Joltin' Joe and Ms. Monroe
Here's captain crash and the beauty queen from mars

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Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen from Mars Lyrics as written by Jon Bon Jovi Richard Sambora

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Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars song meanings
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    General CommentWhen it says "They were shooting for the stars" I'm pretty sure it's "Crash is looking like a star", too.

    I love this song, it expresses some of my views on life and also has a funky tune which is rather addictive to listen to. "Yooouu aaand mee, we're invincibleee, togetherrr!" Yeah I piss off my class mates lol.

    Anyway I think this is partly metaphoric. But it can be literal. I've had relationships like this. Crash & The Queen are both a bit misunderstood is all. They're just doing what they want rather than trying to "fit in", with the "normal" people. And then when they meet, fall in love, it's like BAM. They created an amazing story to tell. They're a bit, in want of a better word, "weird". But this is o-to-the-k. They also love each other.

    I don't think it's about sexuality, "The Beauty Queen From Mars" for me just represents a girl. Who is beautiful. A bit "odd". Hence, "From Mars". But deep down she's a beautiful queen. Whether she thinks so or not.

    Crash, to me, represents a guy from the 70's, or 80's maybe. Or perhaps it's about them living like it's the 70's or 80's, whereas it's not. (This song was released 2000?) And this might be why the song represents them as different. Regretfully, I was born far too late for my liking, and living in the wrong generation, I didn't get to enjoy live through the 80's. But Crash's just a guy who is doing what he wants - wearing eyeliner, "playing superman", wearing lipstick. They also "share a toothpick", which to me shows that they are very close in a really cute kind of way.

    Dressed up for a big date (Crash and the Queen are going to a first date together.)
    Like Halloween day (They're a bit eccentric - dressed up crazy as if it's Halloween.) but it was Fourth of July now (...But it's an ordinary day.)
    A car crash (She's looking like a mess. In a good way, though.) with a suitcase (carrying a suitcase, as cool as she is, i assume.) and a painted face (a lot of heavy make up / crazy make up.)
    She was one of a kind (Well, she was UNIQUE.)
    She wears a plastic crown like Cinderella (comparing to the fairytale, of course, maybe the fact that her royalty is not legitimate. her imagination.)
    And roller skates in bed (who doesn't wear rollerskates in bed? she must like them. again reference to the 70's theme.)

    Because the lyrics make examples of Crash & The Queen, (the names towards the end of the song), this leads me to believe they represent noone in particular. Maybe it's just an example of when two crazy people fall in love. Also, because of the names, it shows that all these people are weird in their own way. Not literally everything it says in the song.

    Another reason I believe it's not about sexuality it the names. If it was about two gays, wouldn't it give examples of gay couples, not straight ones?

    THis has been long... Lol. And Bon Jovi has never "copyed" anyone, because they are kind of like the start of it all. But similarities can be put down to coincedence. May I take this opportunity to say ILY BON JOVI, Rock on <3

    SupermanNinjaCowboyon November 01, 2010   Link
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    General CommentHmmm, I think its about a couple who r so madly in love that they don't seem to care what others think and are oblivious to other people: 'You and me
    We're invincible together '. The superman and supergirl type personas kind of make them seem powerful and when ur in love you believe you can do anything.
    Charlotte-Molkoon July 07, 2002   Link
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    General Commentkurt and courtney are a fucking example of that molko....that's why the king of grunge is mentioned
    whitepoetton July 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI agree with molko. However one of my interpretations has always been that they are two people who are both pretty "weird" but just go together really well. They are so in love that nothing can touch them, even other's comments.
    Good_OL_MCon July 24, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti guess this is an ok song when u think about it. I think not caring what other people think of you is a great gift to have.
    JessieLynnon July 25, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti think there is a homosexual sorta tinge to it,

    eg: the queen from MARS

    dunno what made me think of it....great song though, if it is about being gay it shows the good side of it, and that they don't care cos they love each other
    Bulkyoneon August 03, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYuh coz I'm soooooooooooooo sure Bon Jovi would rip off an Oasis song. Oasis r gr8 and all, but no, just NO!
    Charlotte-Molkoon September 22, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt sounds really retarted, but to me this song could sort of represent an older couple
    'Cause they don't let him drive now'
    They don't let him drive cause hes old or whatever, and the whole they don't care, they've been around too long to care...

    But then again, back when Slippery When Wet and Keep The Faith were around, Jon was known as Captain Crash (Now he is Elvis) but maybe its an allusion to him and Dorothea, because of the whole 'When he comes around' because he is always on the road etc, and he's not actually driving the bus and such... just a few ideas...
    Samboras1Chickon April 15, 2003   Link
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    General Commentyeh i agree with charlotte-molko. bon jovi are leagues and leagues ahead of oasis, so quite why theyd wana rip off a song of theirs, i dont no, it just aint never gonna happen!

    if u wanna c an example of a rip off, listen to belinda carlisle's heaven is a place on earth, then listen to bon jovi's livin on a prayer. its uncanny!

    this song rocks. i saw them do it at milton keynes, and they flashed up pictures of the people they mention in this song:

    We're Sid and Nancy
    Fred and Ginger
    Clyde and Bonnie
    Liz and Richard
    Kurt and Courtney
    Bacall and Bogie
    Joltin' Joe and Ms. Monroe

    kurt cobain got the biggest cheer! awesome night, song was incredible live.
    torrance21on November 14, 2004   Link
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    General Commentto me..its like theyre best frineds. and there is a wierd love connection between best frineds sometimes.
    Emmy4889on March 30, 2005   Link

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