first amendment rights are mine and mine alone
i take away your rights because im tapped into your phone
ill hound you til you snap and then ill have my story
youll be in the gutter while ill have pulitzer prize glory

bridge 1
ill trample your petunias
ill sort through your trash
ill interview your dog
just so i can have my flash

this just in some guys been caught masturbating in suburbia
heres his address you can see it too
well turn this story into a circus unleash it on you idiots
and destroy another life before were through

ill take your no comment spin it all around
then i push my camera in your face and beat you to the ground
ill get the people in on it pay money for their tape
then i glorify a rapist and expose the ones he raped

bridge 2
ill hop over your fences
ill bust down your walls
ill break your fuckin door down
cos ive got the biggest balls

heres another news flash and another picture of the scene
the mans still at it as you can plainly see
its his own fault for doing it in the privacy of his own home
he oughta know whats going on tv

i am the fucking media bow to me like a god
i provide your thoughts for you now dont you think its odd
ill come into your house and treat your wife and kids like shit
what the hell it boosts the ratings up a little bit

bridge 1

ojs ex old lady is found murdered in a pool of blood
weve got a bloody glove and footprints too
well turn this story into a circus unleash it on you idiots
and destroy a couple of lives before were through

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