wake up its the nineties where out is in this year
dress as trashy as you can and impress all your friends
take out all your favorite jeans rip holes in the knees
after all they have to look like you wore them out that way
well dress you like an attic cos the seventies are back
we havent had an original thought since 1982
so buy our shit at 80 bucks a pop and put it on
and well pretend you look good cos were all wearing it too

wake up its the nineties were watching what we eat
load up on all the veggies and never buy any meat
and while were on the subject no belts buy canvas shoes
cos exploitations out my friend to animals anyway
we want to make sure that all the cows are happy
the chickens must be comfortable inside their little worlds
we never buy any eggs cos theyre really chicken abortions
and were not getting into that now are we

wake up its the nineties where the musics all the same
if you had a band in the seventies its time to get back in
cos all those generation xers just love that disco sound
so come on cash in who cares if your dead
yes you can come to us with your own original sound
but by the time were done with you youll sound just like nirvana
you wanna make more money well well help you do it our way
cos were not sure that we want to risk being different

wake up its the nineties where the country of the week
asks the good ol usa to go to war for them
oh sure you got a problem well send our boys to die
just so we can look good to the impotent un
were taking food from homeless and were sending it abroad
cos the starving bosnians outweigh our own at home
i might sound cynical its just because ive been there
and i just want this fucking place to wake up from this nightmare

wake up

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