all i need is one mic one beat one stage one nigga front in my face i turn the other way
only if i had one nigga one gun one god to show me how to do things differently than the judasists of the world did to him
Pure like filtered water rinsed thruogh
like a virgin mary
the hatred of the world is scary
writin' my name on plans to plot shit
mad volience i look to see who wants to body me
I acknowlede it many bodies found in
rivers and dumpsters
people hatin' cuz of the words
i spit
but i'm just a lycrist
one knee i pray
that this be not my last day
it might be my time is up
but my luck i duck
and shoot back again
i nwait to hear sirens in my ear
as the ambulance takes the bodies away
this is my hood i ma rep to the death of me
until little niggas understand about peace and prospersity
hoodrats keep ya kids
they need a chance to live
sip from
the words of martin luther king
and his dream
and it's like police snitches cementaries
graves dug up
many niggas still alive cuz of luck
if you really ready to die with nines out
nigga the time is now

All i need is one mic
all i need is one mic to do my thing ya know
all i need is one mic

All i need is one cup one page one pen one prayer
tell god this might be on way to meet him
look back at all the hatred against me
i still love all of them
jesus died at age 33
that's 33 shots from a double mac pointed at me
that means that's 16 a piece hit my mans 6 went into his girlfriend
everybody got to die sometime that's the way i see it
bullets tear thruogh the innocent nothin is fair
niggas roll up shootin from bikes
my heart is racin
just pacin
waitin on vengance to take place
i let it slide for too many times
now i'm strapped with twin macs and nines
if you really wit me
get busy
load up the guns then get wit me
do more than hold explode it
shoot them
until you get empty
it's nothin in our way
they bust
we bust
they shoot we shoot
i don't care if they bulletproof we takin niggas to war
bury them now
we stronger now my nigga the time is now

All i need is one life one man what i do speak for myself
they'll never understand
they don't want to see a bitch on top
cuz of the love of duogh i got
talkin all that slick shit
will get you
6ft deep fuckin wit me
only move
theywanna know how she ahs no weaknesse
i'm blastin
layin' the shells
on the ground
nines sprayin'
what you call an infinite brawl
internal souls clashin'
some beef is everlasti'
some beef is everlastin'
complete wit full clips to supply my whole clique
drama where did it start
and will it end
niggas shootin' niggas over bitches
they both got pregnant
yuo know the block was ill was like
every night a nigga face on the news
should of knew he wasn't true
came to me when his business was low
so now he wanna talk cuz he on hi feet and little dough
wanna talk my name and
burn it throw it on the flame
move with a change of pace
lighter load
now the queen see straight
my melon cuz none of these bitches real
head he was telin how police how a queen pen squeal
this shit crazy
i finally found
a meanin' to life
the is now
nigga please get it right

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