So now you want to change sides, you say the lesson's been learned,
I can tell by your voice, baby just got burned.
I can see in your eyes, I can read it so well,
You're a master in disguise but it ain't hard to tell.

Anyone that's been through it before knows that look,
I can read your mind like a story book,
And there's no happy ending to this life.

Cause I can see the heartbreak in your eyes,
I can feel the pain that you cry, deep inside of those heartbreak eyes.
I hear you cry through the night, callin' over and over again.

The voices came and took advantage, now you don't wanna play,
When the word got around he gave your secrets away.
Now it's too late to cry you know the damage is done,
Dry your tears say goodbye you know he wasn't the one.

All your life you been livin' out of love,
Now you've folded your cards when push came to shove.
You're just another number, just a victim of love's lies.

I can see the heartbreak in your eyes,
I can feel the pain that you cry, deep inside of those heartbreak eyes.
You hear me cay through the night, callin' over and over again.

Over and over again, you hear me cry through the night,
Callin' over and over...

I can see the heartbreak in your eyes,
I can feel the pain that you cry, deep inside of your heartbreak eyes.
You hear them cry through the night, callin' over and over, those heartbreak eyes.
I can feel the pain that you hide deep inside, deep inside of those heartbreak eyes.
You hear the cries through the night, callin' over and over those heartbreak eyes.
I can feel the hurt inside, your heartbreak eyes,
I can hear the cries at night, over and over again.

Lyrics submitted by Demau Senae

Heartbreak Eyes song meanings
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