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Meno mae ni aru subete no mono ga bakemono ni mieru
Yureginai jikan no omosa to
Kako no bourei ni owareru
Kusari chiri yuku mama
Oshi nagasarete Nomi komarete yuku
Ishiki no Pipe wa tatareta mama de juuji wo kire
Kimi no omoidouri no hana wo sakase you
Mushiri torare kareru mae ni
Itsu shika tsubomi wa hana to nari
Risou wo hakidashi kimi ni kateru darou

Sono ude no naka moteru yume kakaete
Shikai Zero no umi ni deyou
Miru mono subete ga kawari hateta naraba
Hana wo haite nemureba ii

Te wo nobaseba furi harawarete konagona ni kieru
Hakanasa no daishou muda ni tsukai Tare nagasu Libido
Itami no gaku ga yue ninshiki suru sonzai no imi wo
Oshiete kureto sugari sakebu kagami no naka no onore
Kimi no naka kawaita hana ni mizu wo yarou
Moshimo sono mi hate nurare
Saki midareru no ka Kuchi hateteru no ka
Futatsu ni hitotsu no Dice

Kimi no omoidouri no hana wo sakaseyou
Mushiri torare kareru mae ni
Itsu shika tsubomi wa hana to nari
Kinou wo hakidashi kimi ni hanasu darou

Once and for all, Dice away
Once and for all, Dice away
Once and for all, Dice away...

Lyrics submitted by Dave667

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    General CommentThis is a great song... listening to it right now, actually... :) anyone know the english lyrics? I'm going crazy without them...

    I like this because... well, hide's voice is amazing... and that tied with the superb guitar is just... wow! I especially like the guitar solo-thing that begins about one minute and ten seconds into the song.

    Really great song!
    RubyGypsyon June 15, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"Dice" is the essence of hide's cumulative works for me. I wish I had a copy of the lyrics translated or had the time to do it myself, but even without that knowledge it's a heavy-hitter. The chords are so tight, the vocals curt and aggressive, and the guitar solo proudly bears hide's signature style--if toned down a bit for atmosphere. "Once and for all, Dice away..." Is this a song about life? About the gambles and the chances that we all take? That's what the feel of the song is to me, even if the lyrics end up being a complete 180 from that perspective.
    Nepentheson March 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI will post the lyrics soon, but i saw them on the music video with english as subtitles. For me it is about how life can go one of two ways, and Once and For All Dice Away makes me feel the tone is "I cant control it so just make it happen" or something along those lines, but also as a message that says "You cant control your life or you can, thats it." It kinda sums up all his songs for me...Even before i saw the translation, it made me draw a dice with people tied to it, and different things on each side of a huge dice.
    uoluver4everon January 20, 2007   Link

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