Trebraruna filha da Dor
Guerreira sagrada, Deusa do Amor
Trebraruna teu leito semente
Acolhe-nos agora num muy doce abra?o
Trebraruna ?s Vida ?s Morte
da Lua ?s filha, dos Lobos consorte
Trebraruna pag?o ? teu ventre
Ansiado ref?gio de quem ainda te sente

Trebraruna ?s tu quem nos gera
Alimento teu seio d'Amor e de Guerra
Trebraruna a tua voz ?
a melodia mais doce da nossa Terra
Trebraruna n?s tuas crian?as
Beijamos teus olhos cerrados com fervor
Trebraruna cantamos para ti
Somos teu eterno, fiel trovador

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    General CommentTranslation to English:

    Trebraruna daughter of Pain
    Godess of love, Holy warrior
    Trebraruna your tomb-seed
    Welcome us in the sweet embrace
    Trebraruna you are Life you are Death
    you are a child of the Moon, wolves' consort
    Trebraruna, pagan is your womb
    Anxied refuge of oneswho feel you
    Alive! [§]

    Trebraruna it is you who creates
    (and) I feel your breast of love and war
    Trebraruna your voice is
    the sweetest melodyof our land
    Trebraruna us, your children
    we kiss your eyes closed with frevor
    Trebraruna we sing for you
    We are your eternal, ever loyal trobadour

    [§] - Viva is the original word of the song which means literally alive, and

    that can be used as an expression of joy in Portuguese language
    adopting this very sense on the song.
    Idanon June 01, 2002   Link
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    General CommentActually the song is called Trebaruna (from the celtic "Trebo" - meaning 'home' - and "runa" - meaning 'secret' or 'mystery'), after the Goddess of the House, Battles and Death in Lusitanian mythology. And Viva, in this context, means something like 'Hail!' (it is used as an expression of showing respect and/or joy, that's correct)
    lusoon December 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGood early Moonspell. Sounds almost like an irish drinking song at first.
    Lateralus518on June 18, 2008   Link

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