Jimmy Jamma Who?
I Got to take a poo poo
sittin in my room and a chewin on my shoe
Chicky Chuck Willy Wuck Supa Suck Suit
Canucks Eh? That’s what its all aboot
If a cow had a baby and the baby was a cow
Than whats coming outta my butt right now
A microphone a bikerophone a slinky on my ear
To impregnate a gay man stick a baby in his rear
I’m a scooter doin tricks like my name is simon jewel
Jumpin off of buildings into my swimming pool
I peak under the stall in public bathrooms
And play the guitar while eating fast food
Cause I’m ugly I’m ugly I’m really really ugly
I’m ugly like Colin I’m really really ugly

Toys Toys Toys for Boys
Run around the house and make a little noise

Look at me pappy I’m running with skeezers
Runnin round the world and beatin up geezers
I heard a funny story bout some peanut butter nipples
I don’t know how to rhyme so I’ll just say wipple
I still gotta poo
I killed a redneck her name is Betty Lou Who?
I’m the ghetto fliest rappa on the east coast
In the Midwest or on the west coast in the south
That’s where I belong
I’ll have fans in their cars bumpin my song
If you see me on the streets you know that I am the best
Otherwise you wouldn’t see me or the rest
I killed a goat and then I stuck it in his bum hole
When you look at me can you see I got no bowl

Yo yeah you know what time it is

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