when will we see eye to eye where were you when this died?
generous trophies of affection burden a parade of frowns

addiction to narcissism

hands in handshakes
hand in hand shake
service becomes competitions
friend become strangers
walking hand in hand
suddenly we trade kisses on cold cheeks
reminding me a thought:
no heaven no hell but an emptiness in between
heaven and hell eclipsed with letters of your name

make me believe
make me believe
or is it change that i fear(make me....)

a blind history of 4000 years
anointing pillage in absurdity's name
-sleep in silence along with your your pride
failure began when i stopped standing up for what i died for
i will be forgotten someday
but not before i carve my memory into your face


We will never stare eye to eye. Where were you when this died? The poor, tired, wounded soul (left alone in her pity). still stands holding the empty box you gave her. filled with lie after lie unknowing that you will not return. Her heart cries out to you, only to be heard by me. I think it is time to look in the mirror. stare deep into the eyes of the empty soul you possess. every hand you hold, every lip yours meets, every innocence you take means nothing to you. how can sincerity mean nothing to you? because of you, there is nothing left. you don't know how it feels.

I was two cubits away.
Would it helped if I said.
It wouldn't have helped if I said.
But I find hope in your insincerity.

hatred scourches like 7 suns afire,
leaving a wake of charred desires.
you have come along with your blasphemous beliefs
-tearing through the most innocent of hearts
-tearing apart the ties that bound us together.
you have lied,
you have eaten away the passions by which i must live by,
i will not leave this ungodly earth until you have felt my personal hell,
until you have lived the life that you have set forth for me.
these losts can never be reconciled,
you have had your last chance at having a son have failed.

you promised me

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Deuteronomy 2:1 song meanings
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