tiger can't talk he's got shoes to shine, said it's pretty dry
we could try the guy up on first and fifty-ninth if he's still alive
the callgirl stalls and lets her voicemail take it
she says hey i ain't here besides i quit that business
the door was locked so we knocked on the next one
and here's this guy he's got a bullet-proof vest on
said you guys look desparate,Ill give you an address
said you guys look gorgeous, dig all that blistex
and headbanger let down your hair, pull me up into your blacklight lair
take me back around your secret stairs, sell me shares in your vacant stare
missed the train and we walked around the Fens
found some beds and went down on them again

queen went clean yeah she ran out of screens
she said it's too much hassle, it's too much hustlin
i miss the people but i won't miss the feeling
of six am burnin like split lips on burbon
hey angel, remember that cat had the hat that said sharks
his jacket said jets and he signals to guys in windows of highrises
went down in dogtown, drive-thru turned into a drive-by
it left us so dry and decreasingly high, increasingly shakey
hey jerky, these trashers seem a little tweaky

yeah these hescher guys are trying to give me high fives
but they don't stick the sugar packets inside
ripped and drippin down all over the barfly
she's takin off her taven jacket last night
swear i saw your face up there in the footlights
she was mouthin the words to the national anthem
and she was liftin her skirt just like a three dollar dancer
we were hangin around just kickin "walk like a panther"
prayin that your princess will pick up her pager
sad ravers in freight elevators
sucking on skyscrapers, living on lifesavers baby

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