now we live in domes, and our dome's the dome that always snows
down on me, i guess she caught what was coming for me
she lets me braid her hair, but she never lets me pick out what she wears
who's that guy tellin lies behind your junior high?
he turns me on
learned to dance to the mountain song out on that grass
i think i made juanita laugh
she says we'll wake up tomorrow in the parking lot at rainbow
but everytime i see an eagle, it's a filthy fucking seagull
grab my clothes and tap my toes
i tell myself this ain't no place like rome

i know that rome's the place she always goes
down on me, and it's not just gravity
because i tell her things and things that sound the way that james brown sings the sex machine
i feel good now that you're gone

and outside the club is where we spill our drinks in memory of
all those guys that didn't make it till the dawn
she says we'll wake up all bloody in the parking lot at friendly's
but everytime i chase a squirrel it rips apart my world
i grab my clothes and blow my nose
i sell myself this ain't no place to jones

and she's proud of her sound-proof bedroom
it gets so loud, there's like thirty threesomes
and hey jones beach don't you freak when you see me
I MC sweet lemme free your party
and the boombox rocks and the microphone shocks
keep this talk inside these blocks
rooftop cops and the deadbolt locks
keep these rocks inside these socks
if we're really gonna wait, baby can't we take a shower
you look just like an otter when i push you underwater

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Sherman City song meanings
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    General CommentOther way around, actually.

    The Atmosphere song is a reference to this.
    st5801on April 10, 2010   Link
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    General Commenthere is what craig finn (the lead singer of lifter puller) said about this song:

    "I wrote a song (can't remember the name) that was very similar to this but the lyrics were awful. Years later, I changed every line of the song to phonetically rhyme with the original words. The result was "Sherman City". "The parking lot of Rainbow" refers to Rainbow Foods, a Minnesota supermarket chain. "The Mountain Song" is by Donovan (and the Allman Brothers), but certainly not Jane's Addiction. And Donovan's song was actually the origin of "Juanita". I went through a huge Donovan phase and went to see him play live in Minneapolis, and was very happy when he did "The Mountain Song". "You look just like an otter when I push you underwater" is absurd. I think it just rhymed."
    somelyricson February 11, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe way craig says "james brown sings the sex machine" with the handclaps in the background is just awesome
    Specialiston July 18, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"every time i see an eagle, it's a filthy fuckin' seagall"

    this is a great, clever way to describe constant disappointment
    Colosimoon February 13, 2009   Link
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    General Commentbut everytime i chase a squirrel it rips apart my world.

    Atmosphere reference.
    concentratedkisson July 09, 2009   Link

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