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I Wanna Riot song meanings
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    General Commentthese lyrics remind me of the same writing style of op ivy..i don't really think they're supporting riots. actually, i think they're standing against violence..like when he says, "If I start a riot, will I get protection
    Cause I'm a kid whos got a lotta problems
    If I throw a brick maybe the brick will go and solve them" it's kind of cynically saying that kids now think that you have to resort to violence when you want something changed, but that really isn't true.
    I Hate Punk Rockon June 20, 2002   Link
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    General CommentOi!
    Captain_Anarchyon July 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI just want to say that I love the version with long beach allstars
    Wojek84on October 17, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti agree with Hate, this song isn't necessarily a pro-riot song, but i like it, and yes i like the long beach dub allstars addition.
    BlackLungFeveron April 19, 2003   Link
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    General Commentriots arent necesarily violent, they're just huge wild protests, like anti-wars on one side, pro wars on the other going bezerk
    DickyDocDogon June 01, 2003   Link
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    General CommentGreat song, tasty horns, killer intro and gets me pumped. Are the lyrics right though? It sounds, to me, like Lars says: "A sadistic hammer on my brain, branded with a number 'nother pawn in the game." No biggie, just wonderin'.
    nstempon March 09, 2005   Link
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    General Commentits not an anti-riot or a pro-riot song really. its more about confusion and the stae of mind the populus have to be in before a riot can start; that is people have to be very disorientated and abused with only rioting left to them.
    in riots shit gets fucked up and no-one really gets any one message across so what they're saying is that riots are just expressions of raw emoiton and often the people in those riots dont know why this energy is comming out of them, but mad shit happens like people getting "the beat down" etc and its chaotic.

    "oh, yeah, i wanna riot" but why? he doesnt know and neither do we, when a riot happens it's because it needs to happen and no-one is ever really sure why it started in the first place.

    oh and im sure "city of the dead" and infact "i wanna riot" are clash references. somehow rancid never get bored of them and neither do i...

    ans isnt this supposed to be a collaboration with Sublime? when was it recorded?
    joeytheboyon July 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe horn version is a collaboration with the Stubborn All-Stars.

    Kick ass song
    onetinsoldieron March 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPersonally I like the vocals better in the one with the Allstars, but otherwise I like the original one better.

    According to Wikipedia, this song was written about the riots that ensued after the Rodney King trial (like April 29th by Sublime, another great song, funny that they're both about the same subject) and the one with the horns was made with the Allstars for the soundtrack of Beavis And Butthead Do America
    Nurtzion July 24, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti love the opening verse, its such a slap in the face to all the kids that think anarchy's the solution to everything
    super.skank.park.on August 05, 2007   Link

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