Tell me that it’s all right any longer,
I can’t take it now,
I couldn’t do it then,
I can’t ever be me again,
In the end it’s all fallen though,
I don’t care what you say,
How we’ve grown up in a different way,

In the end it will be ok,
In the end you’ll be back with me,
In the end we’ll be still here,
Holding the one you for who you care,
Where will I be?
Who can I hold to close to me?
In the end I’ll be waiting for nothing,

When I felt your last kiss,
I thought this would be forever,
You were coming back next week,
I’d have been happy again,
You’d have made me complete,
Then you’ve gone in the cruellest way,
Left me alone again,
To fend for myself in this hell,

I thought I’d hold you near me again,
That’s why I wasn’t crying when you left that day,
I thought I’d feel your kiss again,
That’s why it was just possible for me to let you go,
I thought I’d walk on the beach with you again,
Like at the beginning,
Now you’re gone,
This time for good,
I know I was in your mind,
I feel so useless,
I know I could have stopped you,
I would have never let it go through,
Why didn’t you tell me back then?
I could have made it right again,

Can you see my tears now?
Can you feel this pain in my soul?
The hurt passes through my body,
It punctures my soul,
Night after night I prayed for us to be together,
I prayed even harder it would be forever,
Now you’re gone,
I can’t say what I want,
It’s all inside me,
Dying to get out,
It’s in my mind,
I can’t even start to find,
I loved you,
I love you,
I’ll always love you,

I think how things could be,
If only you could have been with me,
I’d have held you close,
I’d have made it go away,
I’d have made you close your eyes,
Count to ten,
And everything would be wonderful again,

All the years I was lost in my emotions,
You held me close,
You made it so easy,
When we argued,
You were always first to apologize,
Even though it was my fault,
When you fell asleep in my arms,
I felt loved,
When you looked at me and smiled,
I’d feel loved forever,
Not just a while,

Now you’ve left me,
Why didn’t you let me explain?
I wanted you,
I wanted what we had,
It was all planned,
I was there,
I was that loving hand,
That holds yours when you cry,
Your faithful alibi,

It’s all so crazy now,
I’ve ruined the life of you and me,
I can’t help but lay awake,
Cry over the mess I make,
Hold myself and wish it were you,
I can’t live as one,
I live as two,
Me as one,
You as two,
I need you…

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