Well, don’t say I tried,
You told me the truth,
But you still lied,

You looked in to my eyes,
The sparkle was still disguised,
I tried to hold you,
But your always too far away,

I tried to kiss you when your not here
Your not coming back is what I fear,
So I tried to tell you what I thought,
You thought my dreams were all bought,

Too late,
I’ve already found what I was looking for,
You know it wasn’t you,
It wasn’t you,

I tried to talk,
You walked away,
I tried to sing,
But you never even let me begin,
What do you need me to do,
What do I have to say,
Please not now,
Please don’t go,
Not now,
Not today,

Too late,
I’ve already found what I was looking for,
You know it wasn’t you,
It wasn’t you,

So I’m reusing many broken pieces of the life I had before,
I never knew it would make you walk out the door,
I had to get it,
Now I’ve got it,
And just like that,
It was gone,

Like throwing the dice,
When you need seven to win,
When you’ve lost,
And your whole world starts to spin,

Conflict my ideas,
You know my fears,
So hit me where it hurts,
You know I had you,
I’d never have let you go,
All this just because you wanted to show,
How I couldn’t live without you,

I was right,
You were wrong,
No point in singing a strained song,
Nothings going to change it,
Nothing will change it,

I went to get you,
When I got you,
You messed me about,
And you were gone,

Like I need to see the sunrise one more time with you,
I’ve seen it all before,
Why don’t you look at the sun from outside the door,

I’m stronger than you think,
So look for me walking down your street at night,
Because ill be with another,
Looking in her eyes,
You weren’t the first,
You probably wont be the last,
I don’t care,
You are my past,
I thought I needed you,
I’m with someone else now,
I thought I needed you,
I really thought I needed you…

You know what…
I do need you.

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