Since the dark ages I been trapped inside wooden cages,
battling wise sages for minimum wages

Imprisoned for centuries I been released to exterminate
the planet of a deadly virus known as whack-emcee-itus
All haters and biters, fakers in disguises,
text-typers wit ghostwriters get sighted by the cross-hairs of my iris
My sole purpose is to hunt, programmed to pull stunts, run up on ya,
punch your chest and collapse your two lungs
Perhaps your too dumb to understand, can�t comprehend what I�m capable of�
wit a mic in my hand Punchlines you can�t defend, whiplash is imminent,
I�ll pull the brakes on a train while you still standing in it
And while your body starts to fall towards the front deck,
I�ll hit you wit a spinning lariat and fold your neck back
Bones crack when I switch modes to microphone snatch,
cause I rip it wit a grip tighter than fat bitch�s hats
Now how feel about that, wit no chance to counter-act,
I�ll beat you toothless wit two-fists�till ya bruiseless
And the truth is I�m the illest�because the shoe-fits,
the only way I lose a battle is because I choose-it
My mental state is questionable�I tend to lose-it,
lil buddah known to take a beat and verbally abuse-it Pool-sticks up your ass-crack,
I�m sick like that,
and while you sitting on the tip,
I�ll hang it back on the rack I torture raps when I force words �in-between the lines�,
when I want to�I�m more �abstract� than a street mime
I crucify mics at nights in front of twenty foot bon-fires,
neighbors be like �lil buddah done gone bananas�
It�s just the first wave of the apocalyptic prophecies,
I was depicted in hieroglyphics since 2000 b.c

--and he shall rise from the shadows and bring forth the cleansing of armageddon...
and he shall be known as lil buddah tha eighth plague...killah of dayz...

Run for your life I�m coming for your sons and your wife,
kill your whole family-tree,
your legacy ends tonite My wrath ravages the lands,
off-springs from desert sands,
rise above the norm and bury all theories of man
My species expands from the underground to your doorstep,
spread like pestilence till we the last ones left Thousands of mics snatched,
hundreds of arms torn, opposition give birth,
we sacrifice the new born For centuries we laid dormant,
waiting for the moment to unleash the seven seals and the scrolls of revelation It was written,
blood stains the blue skies, battle for the earth,
the judgement of who dies Body piles, decapitations by the scores,
swinging swords,
bringing forth the last war of the lost world Submerged in shadows,
pharaohs get assassinated,
I am the eighth plague, killer of days,
no more light�.only nights

LB reppin tha 6 Figurz Crew!

Lyrics submitted by midxevil978

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